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GoDaddy Small Business Stories Video Contest

Total Prize Value: $21,500

Campaign Over

Feb 14, 2017 - Feb 21, 2017

View Final Round
  1. PEP is Turning Kids into Animal Heroes

    PEP! The Pet Education Project is turning kids int...

  2. Purple Ocean Superfood Bar

    Purple Ocean Superfood Bar is an Orlando based foo...

  3. The Veil Brewing Company

    A peek inside the start-up and success of the 3rd ...

  4. Pol's Lambacheers

    In a quaint province in the Philippines, one man h...

  5. Rapid Print

    Losing your job is never easy, but for the Gaudier...


    The Paint Mart is a family owned paint store in Pe...

  7. Denver Outfitters

    The story of a small group of friends who rose fro...

  8. Tom Brophy Salon

    Tom Brophy and Jennifer Jones are the husband and ...

  9. The Story of Gurgaon News - a small business

    Gurgaon News is a small business started with the ...

  10. The ManeStream

    A short documentary film about a high school stude...

  11. Mirrorless Productions 'Childhood Dreams'

    Mirrorless Productions LLC is a unique video produ...

  12. The Voice of Melanie Murphy

    Melanie Murphy is a versatile voice over actor in ...

  13. High Point Barbershop

    The success story behind a barber shop that has gr...

  14. American Legion LeRoy Hill Post 19

    American Legion LeRoy Hill Post 19 is located in G...

  15. The Summit Hut

    In 1969, two teenagers from Tucson, Arizona realiz...

  16. Pure Salvage Living

    Not every entrepreneur is motivated by money. Meet...

  17. Living on Faith

    43Tech creates affordable and innovative technolog...

  18. Semolina Artisanal Pasta

    Leah Ferrazzani launched Semolina Artisanal Pasta ...

  19. For Her - A Small Business Story

    Seasoned entrepreneur and owner of Waking Girl Web...

  20. 3ACT whiteboard

    The 3ACT Slide is an innovative tool to increase s...

  21. Sheldon Ceramics

    Sheldon Ceramics is a pottery studio run by potter...

  22. Pet's Choice Grooming & Supply - A Love Tail

    This is the story of a small dog grooming business...

  23. 3ACT Slide desanty promo with words

    The 3ACT Slide is a slideboard re-invented for inn...

  24. No Time 4 Hate

    With 9 out of 10 LGBT students suffering from bull...

  25. Little Alice & Sparrows Nest

    Louise Allen first opened Little Alice cafe in Bai...

  26. Hero Holsters

    Hero Holsters is a company started by Brandon Moor...

  27. Hermés Carnes De Res

    Hermés Carnes de Res is a small business located ...

  28. Jemma Louise Cakes

    Jemma-Louise Cakes is a gourmet bakery based in Ea...

  29. I Found The Foundry

    Foundry is a wonderful little artist collective, h...

  30. Cinematic Fight Studio

    Lang Yip is the head instructor at Cinematic Fight...

  31. Radwell International

    Radwell International is the manufacturing industr...

  32. PintPass Text-A-Beer

    PintPass is a craft beer app run by 3 1/2 individu...


    Boles Studio is a woodworking studio, owned and op...

  34. Breakin' Through Leeds Dance

    Breakin' Through Leeds is an organisation that tea...

  35. Danceador

    Johanna Ciampa shares her story of entrepreneur...

  36. Eastern Foundry

    Eastern Foundry is a collaborative workspace that ...

  37. Comfi

    Short documentary on a small breakfast spot that u...

  38. Mamacitas Cafe Go Daddy Competition

    Get Jayne Productions turns the lens on Mamacita's...

  39. Overcoming all obstacles

    Take what you know about movement, and apply it to...

  40. Fierce Beards

    Based in Deland, Florida, Fierce Beards is the col...

  41. The Rules to Rule of Pie

    Rule of Pie, a small town bakeshop known for its d...

  42. Mad Raven Woodworks

    Mad Raven Woodworks is one of the few local woodwo...

  43. New Again

    This is a story of one woman's passion to start a ...

  44. Moetion Pictures - Huntingdon PA

    Moetion Pictures, a Win Over All Brand, started in...

  45. Ski & Boot Lab

    KC McCallum just created his dream business in his...


    Whitaker's Carrier Service is a 42 year-old, famil...

  47. In Every Dish

    Chef Luca Manfe shares the story behind Dinner wit...

  48. Ascent Vision

    Ascent Vision Technologies was begun in a barn in ...

  49. Obzitian Glass and Art Works

    Obzitian Glass and Art Works, LLC is an art shop a...

  50. Gillian Conroy Jewelry New York

    Gillian Conroy is a New York based jewelry designe...

  51. Cafe Divino


  52. Little Red Balloon Productions

    Little Red Balloon Productions was started by Sara...

  53. GlobalWorming

    1 Man Vs 1 World's crisis. If he can win, you can ...

  54. Owning a small business is like riding a Roller Coaster

    Profile of McCormick's Pub, a small business in Wa...

  55. Urban Axes Philadelphia

    #smbstories Every business has a story. But not...

  56. Scotch Bonnet Short

    This is my short about Scotch Bonnet Jamaican Eate...

  57. FNL Denim

    SMB Stories entry created by Peter Daood. FNL Deni...

  58. Joseph's Barbershop

    Joseph Lucero is the owner of two Joseph's Barbers...

  59. TuLi Schools

    Unleash the power of collaborative learning to inc...

  60. Pig Brother


  61. Untapped Tours Milwaukee

    The story of Untapped Tours in Milwaukee Wisconsin...

  62. Inertia Coffee Video FINAL

    Inertia Coffee Company rests in the heart of Color...

  63. Mito BrewHouse


  64. Pirok Design

    Pirok Design coordinates and provides all of the c...

  65. Maison Lucine

    A sustainable and ethical clothing line for matern...

  66. DeBeen Espresso

    DeBeen Espresso is a quaint coffee shop in the tow...

  67. The Good Pagoda

    The owners of The Good Pagoda are part of the Poly...

  68. Bohemi

    Meet the designer behind Colorado based jewelry co...

  69. Avalon Park Jewelers

    Tiffany Bayley opened Avalon Park Jewelers in Orla...

  70. 100 PULIDO


  71. SewFYI

    This film is about a sewing studio/school(SewFYI) ...

  72. Light Symphony Productions_ Small Business Promo

    Light symphony productions is a small media produc...

  73. KATABA

    The story of a Japanese knife craftsman(Yokichi se...

  74. Grampy Pat's Almost Famous Sourdough


  75. Fresh A Mobile Bistro.

    A lovingly restored 1955 Fageol Twin Coach became ...

  76. Dolphin Graphics - Design & Marketing Company

    Dolphin Graphics is a small Design and Marketing C...

  77. Rossi Bikes

    Rossi Bikes is located in Lachine, Quebec, Canada....

  78. Rugelach By A Brother


  79. Anjore Austin


  80. MORE


  81. Under The Sun Tattoo


  82. URBAN

    URBAN is a new golf-themed bar in Milwaukee, WI; o...

  83. Auntie Jill's Cheesecakes

    Auntie Jill's is a small cheesecake business in Mi...

  84. Harlem Shambles

    Harlem Shambles is a boutique butcher shop serving...

  85. one aatavan

    One Aatavan is a camping based company for travell...

  86. Harlem Underground

    ABOUT HARLEM UNDERGROUND Harlem Underground ope...

  87. Law to Laksa

    Mandy Yin quit her job as a lawyer to pursue her p...

  88. Northeast Cycles


  89. The Makers Project Whiskey Leatherworks

    Every maker has a story behind how they produce th...

  90. Taking it Slow - with Howard's Meat Co.

    Howard's Meat Co. is a small food business located...

  91. Life Among Rust

    Greg Bartlett has been an artist all his life, but...

  92. You are ready.

    We Are KURA. A local fitness community that is...

  93. Visual Jedi LLC

    This is a video about Visual Jedi LLC we offer the...

  94. O Dells Rise Again

    O'Dell's Irish Pub and Ale House in Eureka, MO was...

  95. The Art Of An Entrepreneur

    Stories via popular culture's blur...

  96. First Street Brewing Company

    First Street Brewing Company is in the business of...

  97. Just Keep Going

    Jose Gonzalez, also known as FM, shares his story ...

  98. 18 Gangster Museum

    18 Gangster Museum showcases the history of South ...

  99. Kingdom Nutrition - Small Business

    Kingdom Nutrition is a small business in Southern ...

  100. The Mask

    Patient, Determined & Dedication make this man cha...

  101. Godaddy Contest asia marie clark

    Asia Marie Clark breaks Down Her Small Business st...

  102. Behind the bar

    Two brothers recover from tragedy and endure the r...

  103. FNL Denim

    FNL Denim in Wichita, KS...

  104. Galco s Soda Pop Stop

    This short film focuses on a small independent gro...


    L'AMAI BRIDAL HOUSTON, owned and run by Van Nguyen...

  106. Chapman Swifts Coffee House

    Our motto at Chapman Swifts is Drink Different. Tr...

  107. Wagner Custom Skis

    The right equipment can make all the difference—...

  108. The Straight Thread - Brand Story

    The Straight Thread is located in Madison, Wiscons...

  109. Rusty Chain

    Cohl operates his hand-built bicycle coffee cart i...

  110. Kupcakerie


  111. Telluride Brewing Company

    AT THE END OF THE DAY, It’s ALL about the BEER ...

  112. Heart and Soul

    “Two tables, fork, knife. That’s it. And I ...

  113. Cheapskates

    Cheapskates follows skate shop owner Ron Hale as h...


    "You have to do something to pay for your passion,...

  115. TK FrogHouse Surf Shop

    TK is the proud owner of Froghouse surf shop locat...

  116. Chuck Wolf's Photo & Design Bar

    The greatest place to have custom photos printed a...

  117. Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - Go Daddy

    Running as brewery is anything but simple. Peter ...

  118. Scott Fly Rods

    Scott fly rods are handcrafted by people who love ...

  119. Comic Hero University Owner


  120. Good Karma Bikes

    Good Karma Bikes is a unique non-profit small busi...

  121. Chong Qing Hot Pot

    Born on a remote island off the coast of mainland ...

  122. Metal Maker

    When Ramone sees metal, he sees endless possibilit...

  123. Audience Awards Small Business Contest


  124. PDP Corporate Animated Video

    PDP is a small business headquartered in Colorado ...

  125. Apollo Robotics

    Apollo Robotics is a small company with big aspira...

  126. HoloHome Small Business

    #smbstories A small business story about HoloHome...

  127. Three Pines Coffee


  128. The Bite

    In this Doc the owner of a local Kansas City resta...

  129. Tyler Surfboards

    Home grown and known worldwide as a master craftsm...

  130. Bajillion Agency

    Bajillion Agency is a band of infinite dreamers an...

  131. IMG_1021_CLIPCHAMP_keep

    Video Pitch...

  132. Out of Order_Second_Cut

    Scott Jennings is a former ex-convict, who like ma...

  133. Clean Slate Group - A Small Business Story

    Clean Slate Group is battling the vandalism cycle ...

  134. Neighborhood Pizza

    Leesia Parent started her own business in 2004 in ...

  135. Where There's Smoke...

    A survey of S&S Fire Pits, based in Hapeville (Atl...

  136. Brad Fenimore

    Brad Fenimore is a real estate agent in Topeka, KS...

  137. Arrangements Unlimited



    Toledo (spain). Ramon Recuero is probably the last...

  139. Laura Lee Farms


  140. Logan Business Machines

    Logan Business Machines is a family-owned full lin...

  141. Jaro Jerk Seasoning & Co Inc

    Jaro Jerk Seasoning Inc. is a start-up company loc...

  142. Pretty-N-Ink

    Dutchess Lattimore overcomes adversity in the sout...

  143. For 'Small Business'

    Hey. I’m Bub. As you can see, I’m good at what...

  144. Eccentrics Boutique Happy Holidays

    A spotlight on a boutique store and what makes the...

  145. videodrome finale

    A short informational documentary about Atlanta's ...

  146. McDonough Music

    All music is original. Played on McDonough Music P...

  147. Liddabit Sweets - Handmade Small Batch Candy

    Liddabit Sweets is a small-batch candy company bas...

  148. The Space Concert Club

    The Space Concert Club - Salem, Oregon Owners ...

  149. Miss D's New Orleans Style Popcorn & Pralines

    Miss D, the owner of the Miss D's New Orleans Styl...

  150. Old 5 and Dime - Sign Painter

    Old 5 and Dime is a hand drawn and hand painted si...

  151. ayala_dean_small_business


  152. Lori s Original Lemonade Lemonade Tree HD

    A discarded sapling leads to redemption for a stru...

  153. Isabella's with No music

    A small Pizzeria in Tallahassee. This was shot ve...

  154. genamilanesi

    Gena Milanesi is an artist who has primarily sold ...

  155. We Love You TPT

    A celebration of the rapidly growing national netw...

  156. One Small Step for a Company - One Giant Leap for Launching Your Business

    Inventors Launchpad, headquartered in Tampa Bay, F...

  157. Vibe Ride Fitness

    Directed, produced and edited by: Alex Preston. F...

  158. Lantana Games - Our Story

    Lantana Games is an educational game development s...

  159. PANIC Madrid

    Panic is a bakery located in Madrid (Spain). What ...

  160. Mugg Cakes Gourmet Cupcakes

    Mugg Cakes is a family operated gourmet cupcake se...

  161. Omega7 s Edge

    Business man Alonzo Washington shows how his small...

  162. Film School to Small Business

    After being rejected from FSU film school, I decid...


    'Madame Antonieta' bursts in the colourful backsta...

  164. Edtech Software

    Edtech was set up in the west of Ireland in 2000 t...

  165. Meet Dr. Dat

    A local dentist explains his passion for serving t...

  166. The Baker

    Jeanette loves baked goods. The only problem? She ...

  167. My Movie 3

    UniqueLee Touched Personal Care Home film explains...

  168. Chabad Garden School

    Help your child to make choices, with respect towa...

  169. Warren & Fenn

    Emma Warren and Haley Fenn are local artists resid...

  170. Screening Room ATL Promo Video HD

    This is a Promo video for ScreeningRoom-ATL. An or...

  171. Angie's Beauty Supply


  172. Retroburgh

    1950's style "educational film" about our home bas...

  173. JuliaKnightSculpture

    Julia Knight Sculpture located in Avondale Estates...

  174. Go Daddy

    UniqueLee Touched Personal Care Home a home with a...

  175. psycho sisters

    Psycho Sisters is a small consignment shop in Litt...

  176. Crosstown BBQ

    Steven Williams has been running Crosstown BBQ sin...

  177. Experimac Documentary


  178. The Equestrian World


  179. LadyEnglishfeb12final

    Sandra Gustard Fountain Pimento Oil LLC She took...

  180. Change The World One Butt At A Time

    How a middle aged woman fallowed her heart and inv...

  181. Iron Palm Tattoo and Piercing

    Iron Palm Tattoo and Piercing Address: 249 Trinit...

  182. smbstories

    a story about a small business....

  183. SOZO MISSIONS 2017

    Youth outreach in the inner city of Bradenton FL, ...

  184. AW Pottery


  185. M28 Church DOCUMENTARY


  186. Mansours Oriental Rug Gallery

    Mansours Oriental Rug Gallery Business Introductio...

  187. StableLife_FinalDraft


  188. Sudi's Style Closet

    sudiSTYLE, LLC is a premier fashion consulting com...

  189. Tee Pee Mexican Food

    Tee Pee Mexican food restaurant has been a favorit...

  190. Naughty Soda

    Ever since 2003, owners Dave Sheets and Larry Gree...

  191. CafeCompleted

    “We’re all about the FRESH!” … The motto a...

  192. Southern Strategy Works

    A new business in life coaching....

  193. Anna Ferrara video

    Video for Go Daddy application for grant from Rege...

  194. Lifes G G Santa VidAd

    This is a promotional film for my new book Life's ...

Total Films: 194 • Total Votes: 17,266 • Total Film Views: 79,650

AudPop Clapper
The winners of this campaign went on to compete in a final round.
View the final round results.

Preliminary AudPop Selections

These are the audience vote winners that will proceed to the final round.

Erica Falbaum

PEP is Turning Kids into Animal Heroes

Sean Valdivieso

Purple Ocean Superfood Bar

Love Affair

The Veil Brewing Company

Brent Vergara

Pol's Lambacheers

Denver Outfitters

Denver Outfitters

Anthony Sherritt

Tom Brophy Salon

Sagar Yadav

The Story of Gurgaon News - a small business

Cris Karraa

The ManeStream

Preliminary Team Selections

These are the team selection that will proceed to the final round.

Brett Schreckengost

Wagner Custom Skis

Love Affair

High Point Barbershop

Kelsey Opel

Inertia Coffee Video FINAL

Ben Garfield

Heart and Soul

Arianna Viscarra

Auntie Jill's Cheesecakes

Shakirah Abdul-Rashid

Experimac Documentary

All Films in Campaign

Erica Falbaum

PEP is Turning Kids into Animal Heroes

Vote Count: 1060

Sean Valdivieso

Purple Ocean Superfood Bar

Vote Count: 712

Love Affair

The Veil Brewing Company

Vote Count: 690

Brent Vergara

Pol's Lambacheers

Vote Count: 682

Stephen Fisher

Rapid Print

Vote Count: 658

Colin & Ryan Productions


Vote Count: 668

Denver Outfitters

Denver Outfitters

Vote Count: 654

Anthony Sherritt

Tom Brophy Salon

Vote Count: 639

Sagar Yadav

The Story of Gurgaon News - a small business

Vote Count: 630

Cris Karraa

The ManeStream

Vote Count: 643

Alex Belville

Mirrorless Productions 'Childhood Dreams'

Vote Count: 612

Winn Fuqua

The Voice of Melanie Murphy

Vote Count: 609

Love Affair

High Point Barbershop

Vote Count: 608

American Legion

American Legion LeRoy Hill Post 19

Vote Count: 409

Cullen Hamblen

The Summit Hut

Vote Count: 331

Lisa Wagner

Pure Salvage Living

Vote Count: 300

Daniel Dunnam

Living on Faith

Vote Count: 285

Delete Me

Semolina Artisanal Pasta

Vote Count: 294

Jason Refsland

For Her - A Small Business Story

Vote Count: 263

Christy Abel

3ACT whiteboard

Vote Count: 238

Marni Epstein-Mervis

Sheldon Ceramics

Vote Count: 237

David John

Pet's Choice Grooming & Supply - A Love Tail

Vote Count: 228

David Armet

3ACT Slide desanty promo with words

Vote Count: 224

Tonya Sandis

No Time 4 Hate

Vote Count: 204

Joseph Allen

Little Alice & Sparrows Nest

Vote Count: 156

Alec Moore

Hero Holsters

Vote Count: 165

Elkin Hernández

Hermés Carnes De Res

Vote Count: 144

Joseph Allen

Jemma Louise Cakes

Vote Count: 127

Joseph Allen

I Found The Foundry

Vote Count: 118

Eugene Kim

Cinematic Fight Studio

Vote Count: 114

Ryan Neuman

Radwell International

Vote Count: 111

Duncan Williamson

PintPass Text-A-Beer

Vote Count: 106

Michael Fodera


Vote Count: 107

Munirat Plummer

Breakin' Through Leeds Dance

Vote Count: 104

Tyler Grutsch


Vote Count: 94

Chris Lewis

Eastern Foundry

Vote Count: 94

Danny Brennan


Vote Count: 96

Jayne Marie Smith

Mamacitas Cafe Go Daddy Competition

Vote Count: 93

Elijah Bowen

Overcoming all obstacles

Vote Count: 90

Kitty Geoghan

Fierce Beards

Vote Count: 91

Amanda Neuhouser

The Rules to Rule of Pie

Vote Count: 86

Ashley Seering

Mad Raven Woodworks

Vote Count: 79

Kenny Carter

New Again

Vote Count: 80

Zach Guiciardi

Moetion Pictures - Huntingdon PA

Vote Count: 77

Hunter Siegel

Ski & Boot Lab

Vote Count: 79

Drew Whitaker


Vote Count: 80

Javier Paredes

In Every Dish

Vote Count: 76

Digital Aerial Media

Ascent Vision

Vote Count: 78

Justin Grimmer

Obzitian Glass and Art Works

Vote Count: 75

Andrew T. Vanette

Gillian Conroy Jewelry New York

Vote Count: 74

Jorge Martinez

Cafe Divino

Vote Count: 75

Sarah Taschetta

Little Red Balloon Productions

Vote Count: 78

Vector Kwok


Vote Count: 66

Coleman Reis

Owning a small business is like riding a Roller Coaster

Vote Count: 64

Tim Harris

Urban Axes Philadelphia

Vote Count: 65

Ed Cook

Scotch Bonnet Short

Vote Count: 61

Peter Daood

FNL Denim

Vote Count: 62

Fernando Lara

Joseph's Barbershop

Vote Count: 65

Ben Ivers

TuLi Schools

Vote Count: 58

Jorge Martinez

Pig Brother

Vote Count: 60

Mike Hauke

Untapped Tours Milwaukee

Vote Count: 60

Kelsey Opel

Inertia Coffee Video FINAL

Vote Count: 57

Aquiles Fernandez

Mito BrewHouse

Vote Count: 53

James Zukowski

Pirok Design

Vote Count: 51

Will Gordon

Maison Lucine

Vote Count: 58

Natalie Starr

DeBeen Espresso

Vote Count: 44

Shane Wapskineh

The Good Pagoda

Vote Count: 44

Frank Pickell


Vote Count: 42

Connor Akers

Avalon Park Jewelers

Vote Count: 43

Jorge Martinez


Vote Count: 42

Chuck Hashbarger


Vote Count: 36

Ethan Hill

Light Symphony Productions_ Small Business Promo

Vote Count: 36



Vote Count: 36

Adrienne Von Wolffersdorff

Grampy Pat's Almost Famous Sourdough

Vote Count: 36

Brian Vanderhoof

Fresh A Mobile Bistro.

Vote Count: 35

Adrian Merced

Dolphin Graphics - Design & Marketing Company

Vote Count: 36

Chris Wynn

Rossi Bikes

Vote Count: 34

BTHS Media

Rugelach By A Brother

Vote Count: 34

Patrick Higgins

Anjore Austin

Vote Count: 33

Kai-Saun Anderson


Vote Count: 33

Elijah Bowen

Under The Sun Tattoo

Vote Count: 33

Kristin Catalano


Vote Count: 31

Arianna Viscarra

Auntie Jill's Cheesecakes

Vote Count: 31

Carolina Gonzalez

Harlem Shambles

Vote Count: 29

Achyutanand Dwivedi

one aatavan

Vote Count: 34

Carolina Gonzalez

Harlem Underground

Vote Count: 27

Andrew Coleman

Law to Laksa

Vote Count: 27

Ryan Zarra

Northeast Cycles

Vote Count: 26

Travis Bradford

The Makers Project Whiskey Leatherworks

Vote Count: 26

Scott Craig

Taking it Slow - with Howard's Meat Co.

Vote Count: 23

Zack Bartlett

Life Among Rust

Vote Count: 23

Melissa Guitron

You are ready.

Vote Count: 23

Visual Jedi LLC

Visual Jedi LLC

Vote Count: 19

Dale Ward

O Dells Rise Again

Vote Count: 19

Ted Semere

The Art Of An Entrepreneur

Vote Count: 21

Jameon Rush

First Street Brewing Company

Vote Count: 18

Michael Macedo

Just Keep Going

Vote Count: 18

Simon Antonelli

18 Gangster Museum

Vote Count: 19

Jacob Welsh

Kingdom Nutrition - Small Business

Vote Count: 18

Vector Kwok

The Mask

Vote Count: 17

Matias Purnell

Godaddy Contest asia marie clark

Vote Count: 17

Harold Williams

Behind the bar

Vote Count: 17

Travis McCarty

FNL Denim

Vote Count: 17

Mark DiNatale

Galco s Soda Pop Stop

Vote Count: 16

Austin Nguyen


Vote Count: 22

Jameon Rush

Chapman Swifts Coffee House

Vote Count: 16

Brett Schreckengost

Wagner Custom Skis

Vote Count: 15

Pop Pop Digital LLC

The Straight Thread - Brand Story

Vote Count: 17

Logan Reynolds

Rusty Chain

Vote Count: 15

Seth Garcia


Vote Count: 17

Brett Schreckengost

Telluride Brewing Company

Vote Count: 14

Ben Garfield

Heart and Soul

Vote Count: 14

Kevin Brook


Vote Count: 13

Vania Ivena


Vote Count: 13

Jackie Liu

TK FrogHouse Surf Shop

Vote Count: 13

Patrick Foley

Chuck Wolf's Photo & Design Bar

Vote Count: 12

Fraser Toms

Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - Go Daddy

Vote Count: 12

Brett Schreckengost

Scott Fly Rods

Vote Count: 12

Brandon Leyva-Lopez

Comic Hero University Owner

Vote Count: 12

Jenna Vaccaro

Good Karma Bikes

Vote Count: 12

Adam Hacker

Chong Qing Hot Pot

Vote Count: 11

Michael Savisky

Metal Maker

Vote Count: 11

Dominick Hagan

Audience Awards Small Business Contest

Vote Count: 10

Brian Carlson

PDP Corporate Animated Video

Vote Count: 11

Chance Roberts

Apollo Robotics

Vote Count: 10

Kevin Kalb

HoloHome Small Business

Vote Count: 10

Andreas Petker

Three Pines Coffee

Vote Count: 9

DeVonte Brown

The Bite

Vote Count: 9

Jason Baffa

Tyler Surfboards

Vote Count: 9

MotoVike Films

Bajillion Agency

Vote Count: 9

Veronica Hodges


Vote Count: 9

Muhammad Ali Sheikh

Out of Order_Second_Cut

Vote Count: 9

Duncan Williamson

Clean Slate Group - A Small Business Story

Vote Count: 9

Jenifer Abreu

Neighborhood Pizza

Vote Count: 9

Andrew Cook

Where There's Smoke...

Vote Count: 9

MotoVike Films

Brad Fenimore

Vote Count: 9

Austin Smock

Arrangements Unlimited

Vote Count: 8

German Mairen


Vote Count: 8

Andrew Garcia

Laura Lee Farms

Vote Count: 8

MotoVike Films

Logan Business Machines

Vote Count: 8

Dennis Edwards

Jaro Jerk Seasoning & Co Inc

Vote Count: 8

Hezues R'


Vote Count: 8

Drew Paul

For 'Small Business'

Vote Count: 8

Amanda Neuhouser

Eccentrics Boutique Happy Holidays

Vote Count: 8

Silas Phillips

videodrome finale

Vote Count: 8

David Bergen

McDonough Music

Vote Count: 8

Josh Shayne

Liddabit Sweets - Handmade Small Batch Candy

Vote Count: 8

Zachary Lewis

The Space Concert Club

Vote Count: 8

Mijin Han

Miss D's New Orleans Style Popcorn & Pralines

Vote Count: 8

Matt Thomas

Old 5 and Dime - Sign Painter

Vote Count: 7

Ayala Dean


Vote Count: 7

Jason Gagne

Lori s Original Lemonade Lemonade Tree HD

Vote Count: 7

Jamieson Redd

Isabella's with No music

Vote Count: 7

Michael Bromberg


Vote Count: 7

Steven Traugh

We Love You TPT

Vote Count: 7

Bob Turel

One Small Step for a Company - One Giant Leap for Launching Your Business

Vote Count: 7

Alex Preston

Vibe Ride Fitness

Vote Count: 7

Danny Silvers

Lantana Games - Our Story

Vote Count: 7

German Mairen

PANIC Madrid

Vote Count: 7

Derek Andre Brown

Mugg Cakes Gourmet Cupcakes

Vote Count: 7

Alonzo Washington

Omega7 s Edge

Vote Count: 6

Ben White

Film School to Small Business

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Caio Amon


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Cathal Mac Reamoinn

Edtech Software

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Tommy Tang

Meet Dr. Dat

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Michael Savisky

The Baker

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Sally Gichana

My Movie 3

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Chabad Garden School

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Colin Hoefle

Warren & Fenn

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Rene Alexander

Screening Room ATL Promo Video HD

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Javon Ware

Angie's Beauty Supply

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Linda Mitchell


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Anna Puerta


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Sally Gichana

Go Daddy

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Emily Gurley

psycho sisters

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Jenifer Abreu

Crosstown BBQ

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Shakirah Abdul-Rashid

Experimac Documentary

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Claire Townsend

The Equestrian World

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Yolanda Williamson


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Jeri Rutherford

Change The World One Butt At A Time

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Jessica Mote

Iron Palm Tattoo and Piercing

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Brian Wanjugu


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Dwayne Parker


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Tesh Yana

AW Pottery

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Taylor Richard


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Duane Faitel

Mansours Oriental Rug Gallery

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Kiana Woodson

Sudi's Style Closet

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Ryan Nelson

Tee Pee Mexican Food

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Luis Pena

Naughty Soda

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Marie Schlump


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Amanda Neuhouser

Southern Strategy Works

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Anna Ferrara video

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Donald Chamberlain

Lifes G G Santa VidAd

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