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How do I embed my video somewhere else?

The share button will give you the code to take your video anywhere you want.

How do I share my video?

You’ll find share buttons on the viewing page of each video. Use those tools to scream at the top of your social media lungs!

How do I change the title, photo, description or production information of my video?

From your video creator portfolio, under the “videos” tab, you can edit each video entry.

Who can view my video?

If your video is uploaded as part of a campaign which hasn’t opened for voting, it can’t be viewed by anyone but our staff and the team. When the campaign opens, anyone can view and vote. Unless you remove it after a campaign closes, it’s a part of our video library and anyone can view it.

How do I set my video to “private”?

In your video creator portfolio, click on the “videos” tab. There’s an option to hide your video there. (But we want everyone to see it! So really think before you hide!)

Can I delete my video?

Of course. In your video creator portfolio, under the “videos” tab, you can delete your video anytime.


Uploading a Video

How do I upload a video?

First, create an account. When you get to your video creator portfolio and have filled out all your information (‘cause that’s what the cool kids are doing), you can upload your videos with this button:
Upload a Video

What video format do you recommended?

Video Codec:H.264
Video Bitrate: 720p: 5-7.5 Mbps
For 1080p: 8-12 Mbps; 4k: 35-68 Mbps (4k is recommended)
Audio Codec:ACC
Audio Bitrate:384 kbps
Frame Rate:24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60 fps are common
Aspect Ratio:AudPop uses a 16:9 aspect ratio player. Any non-16:9 videos uploaded
will have black bars either on the top and bottom or left and right.
File Size:5 Gb file size limit for campaign submissions and uploads. 2 Gb file size limit for free subscription.

(How’s that for super-nerdy?)

What video files do you accept?

  • .avi
  • .mpg
  • .mp4
  • .wmv
  • .mpeg
  • .flv
  • .mov
  • .m4v

How long will it take to upload my video?

Upload time based on average US internet speed (10 mbps).
3Gb file: 44 Minutes
1Gb file: 14 Minutes
500mb file: 7 Minutes

Upload times could range from 1-4 hours if your internet isn’t up to par. If you know you’re at a disadvantage, think about reducing your file size before uploading.

How big does my video's cover image need to be?

16x9 dimensions and a minimum of 850 px wide. If you aren't a Photoshop wizard, don't worry. You can upload a screenshot and crop it on our site.

Can I use any music in my video?

No. In order for your submission to be accepted, you must show you have rights to the music utilized. We do not accept Creative Commons licensing because most CC licenses aren’t allowed to be used commercially or monetized. The reason YouTube is able to utilize CC licensing is they monetize for themselves and the music creators by embedding ads into the video. Hence, all the ads that pop up on YouTube. We don't believe in popups during the video experience.

I just uploaded high quality video file but it looks crappy now that it’s on the site. Help!

If you’ve just uploaded, our site might still be doing its thang. Check back in 30 and see if it’s better. It can take anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes to upload depending on format.


360 Video

Does AudPop support 360 video?

Yes! This feature is available to all. Currently we only support monoscopic 360 videos.

Will the 360 Video work in my VR headset?

No. AudPop 360 Video is not compatible with VR headsets, but we are working to implement this feature as soon as possible.

What browsers support AudPop 360 Videos?

AudPop 360 spherical videos are supported on computers in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera browsers.


How do I vote?

Any AudPop member can vote on as many videos as they like every day. (So, like, hypothetically, you could vote for your daughter’s video once a day every day until the campaign ends.)

I tried to vote on a video but the button is gray. What gives?

A gray vote button means you've already voted on that video today. Come back tomorrow and vote again!

What’s the best way to tell friends and family to vote?

We’d like you to scream about it at the top of your social media lungs! In fact, we email you a link to share at the start of the Campaign. See all festivals currently open for voting. We’ve also written some tips and tricks to help you out.

Do you know if someone is cheating?

Yes. Our proprietary software uses several methods to flag us when someone is cheating

Why do you allow people so many chances to vote in a video Campaign?

Being able to vote every day, and to have that vote count twice with SocialVote, allows our audience to be more engaged with the campaign and lets our video creators know they’re loved twice as much!

If I have someone's permission to use their account, can I vote for them?

You may not vote on behalf of someone else. Read more about our terms.


Video Campaigns

Are festivals open for international submission?

Yes, they are, but there is a list of countries with which we are unable to do business. You can find that list here: audpop.com/terms

Can I submit to more than one campaign?

Yep! In fact, we encourage it.

Can I submit the same video to more than one campaign?

You’ll have to check with the specifics of each Campaign, but sometimes that’s allowed.

Can videos compete for just team votes?

No. All of our challenges are run with the same voting structure: audience and team voting to determine who will move forward to the finals round. The top audience-voted videos along with the top team-selected videos will move onto a finals round where an esteemed panel of judges made up of Campaign-specific and industry leaders determine which videos win. Not only does this ensure fair voting, it also connects your work with people of influence.

Can a video posted elsewhere online be accepted into a festival/challenge/campaign?


How do I complete payment after my video has been uploaded?

From your video creator portfolio, under the “submissions” tab, you will see a button that says “Pay Now.” That’s how you pay now. :)

Do some video campaigns have different rules than others?

Yes, it is important to carefully read the rules for each video Campaign, before you submit your video.

Can I barter, buy or use websites like getonlinevotes.com to get online votes?

Absolutely not. We like to call that cheating. Getonlinevotes.com, votesforcontest.com, vapulsemedia.net and the like are not allowed.


Getting Paid

How and when will I get paid?

There are now three choices for payment. You can pay the one-time campaign fee of $30-$50 OR you could sign up for our membership and pay $14 a month or $140 a year billed annually (that’s two months free.) That’s right. If you become there’s no submission fee. You will, of course, be responsible for the costs associated with making the submission.

If I win, when and how do I receive my prizing?

Video creators will be paid via check unless they do not live in the United States. In that case, they will be paid via PayPal. It will be the responsibility of the video creator to cover PayPal charges associated with payment. To learn more about these fees, please visit PayPal.


Video Creator Portfolio

How do I change my profile picture?

When you’re on your portfolio page, go to “edit profile,” scroll down to “profile picture,” upload, choose your image and save.

How do I link my social media accounts to my video creator portfolio?

When you’re on your portfolio page, go to “edit portfolio” and scroll down to the social links. Enter the title and URL, click add and repeat!


Video Creator Community

What are your community standards?

Pretty basic. Treat others as you would like to be treated. We’re not really down with bullies and trolls. If you’re a reformed bully or troll, that’s a whole different story.


Still have a question?

Contact Us.