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Stories Of Hope

Total Prize Value: $11,000

Campaign Over

May 11, 2018 - May 22, 2018

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  1. Trevor's Story Of Hope

    Trevor's Journey started 3 years ago after sufferi...

  2. Livin' the Dream

    In 2010 I was injured in a speed flying accident i...

  3. MM Haiti Giveback


    Vivek Joshi suffering from Cerebral Palsy. The ...

  5. Cerebral poetry

    Short documentary film about Rosen Karamfilov.He i...

  6. Through Gabriel's Eyes

    A 7 year-old boy wants to buy a gun, but what he w...

  7. Hope Is Not A Dream

    They said he couldn't do it. They said it was imp...

  8. A Growing Boy

    A young boy reflects on his early life challenges ...

  9. It's a Beautiful Day ... by Rob Drabkin

    The music video from Rob Drabkin's latest song, It...

  10. Brooklyns Journey

    Watch Brookylnn Royse face the world without li...

  11. Keep on Running

    While training for the marathon I discovered a lot...

  12. Loon

    In a time of despair, all one needs to do is lo...

  13. Beyond 10th Mark

    This Mother's Day, the world will celebrate aga...

  14. Hope Man's Ruff Day

    This was a short I created for the non-profit orga...

  15. ForceD to Change

    A story of a family who, through uncontrollable ci...

  16. The Building of the Field

    Four people with a little help and a lot of hard w...


    On May 4th, 2017, Justin Sandler was diagnosed wit...

  18. My Sister

    A smile over the dark theme of child Cancer.

  19. A Sweet Silence - A Short Film

    A Sweet Silence is a student made short film ab...

  20. Delusion

    A heart-breaking short film about 'hope' and 'unde...

  21. Smile High Club Inc


  22. Before Petrichor

    Based on true events. Before Petrichor guides you ...

  23. This is a Dog

    A short conversation between 'Logic' (the adult) a...

  24. Always a Shepherd

    When a lamb gets abandoned by her mother, she lear...

  25. Am I Enough

    The real life of a UNC-Chapel Hill cheerleader. An...

  26. Long Day

    A documentary that utilizes an experimental medium...

  27. When I Was A Young Girl

    In my family I am first generation American, an...

  28. Rendezvous

    The story revolves on the preparation of a man who...

  29. Creating Social Fiction

    What is the world you are working to create? Nobel...

  30. Still I Rise

    A visual and musical interpretation of American...

  31. On the Dot

    In this autobiographical story, a raucous amore di...

  32. Why I do it

    This video is dedicated to all the persons that re...

  33. Heritage 2018 short film

    Children who have survived a world conflict are ad...

  34. My open letter to Boston

    This project for me it's the culmination of a cycl...

  35. Libby Ann

    This film is about my beautiful mother and the hop...

  36. Mother's Day

    This is a short film of a boy, who wanted to do be...

  37. Kofi Annan The World I am Working to create


  38. The Strength Within You - DUI

    Drinking and having fun can also be dangerous, spe...

  39. Rememberance

    After losing one of my best friends last year, ...

  40. Malignant Practice

    Malignant Practice is based on the real medical...

  41. Something Special

    A young war veteran explores the magnificent wilds...

  42. The Strength Within You - Be-YOU-tiful

    A girl who is alone all the time because of her ph...

  43. Miss D's New Orleans Style Popcorn & Pralines

    Miss D, the owner of the Miss D's New Orleans Styl...

  44. The Morphable Man

    A man tries to hide a condition that makes him tra...

  45. Accident

    After a boy's parents were both killed in a car ac...

  46. Charlie the Magnificent

    The inspiring story of a young orphan using his ma...

  47. Lend a Hand

    In todays’ society so many people choose to “l...

  48. Jump

    The young parachutist is going to perform his firs...

  49. Happy Anniversary

    A couple gets ready for a nice evening, when sudde...

  50. Dreams Come True - Short Documentary

    Dreams Come True is a short documentary about Raul...

  51. suicide

    A Teenager Tries to commit suicide...but then he c...

  52. The Strength Within You - Love Wins

    A teenager struggles to find his sexual orientatio...

  53. Renewed

    An ex-con restores furniture while working to repa...

  54. Making a Difference with My Difference

    Crystal was born with a port wine stain on her fac...

  55. NoonDay Demon

    Sam, a homeless Vietnam Veteran struggles with Nig...

  56. Life Happens_ Inside Down syndrome a parents perspective

     Life happens, of that, there is no control. H...

  57. The Gentleman Photographers

    A group of hungry photographers await their chance...

  58. Beyond the horizon

    This is a story about two friends and their fantas...

  59. Still Standing

    Struggling with his attempts at stand up comedy...

  60. QUEER AF

    QUEER AF is an autobiographical documentary short ...

  61. One Small Step

    When the government cuts funding for space researc...

  62. Scribbling

    SYNOPSIS: Anju a five year old girl is suffering ...

  63. Three Of A Kind


  64. Uncle Joe

    When an exhausted Vietnam War soldier survived the...

  65. Superhero

    Short story about the young man who is trying to a...

  66. Listen

    "Listen" is an inspirational short film about 4 yo...

  67. Never Lose Hope

    Just to encourage others to never lose hope and to...

  68. Dancing with Gene Kelly

    It's 1982 and six-year-old Eliza dreams of dancing...

  69. This Our Prayer

    At any given moment in Nairobi, more than 60,000 c...

  70. Access Denied

    Mitchell "Mit" Foster, wishes nothing more in life...

  71. Passionfruit

    "Passionfruit" is a cinematic documentary about Ro...

  72. Thinking Big

    "Tough times never last, but tough people do." A ...

  73. Dean McComb - Fighter.

    For Dean, growing up in Belfast has been tough. N...

  74. 13 Thousand Reasons Why Not

    We are a filmmaking class in Australia called Hocu...

  75. Library For London


  76. CTRL

    The challenges of understanding, accepting and lea...

  77. She s made gas and light

    It's about how does woman motivate you on daily ba...

  78. The Power of football in Eldon, Missouri

    Eldon is a small town in mid-Missouri with a popul...

  79. The colors of life


  80. The Setup

    The Setup tracks the psychological and physical to...

  81. Fight For Peace

    Fight for Peace tells the story of how a community...

  82. It Affects Families -- Fragile X

    Fragile X syndrome is a genetic condition that cau...

  83. Emma

    A mother shares her journey through tragedy and ho...

  84. Next 50 Forward

    It all starts with a job. And jobs are just one wa...

  85. Symbiosis

    A modern adaptation of Rumpelstiltskin. Angela mus...

  86. The Secret to Living

    Addressing the theme of "the impact of giving back...

  87. 33rd Annual Helping Hands of Hope

    The "Helping Hands of Hope" is a Christmas gift dr...

  88. Dear Tom

    Sometimes, fate is like a small sandstorm that ...

  89. United By Water

    "United by Water" The 5 tribes of the U...

  90. Puerto Rico Out of the Storm

    A mini documentary that was shot early 2018 in Pue...

  91. Better Barbie Better World

    A young family makes their own toy, sticks it on t...

  92. life dosent rewind



    Daniel asks a priest How to be Successful in Life ...

  94. YENDI

    In 2018, a team of doctors and surgeons travell...

  95. The Kindness Project

    I made this video with my disability film class to...

  96. Huey Ehredt Mansion Park Barber Shop Documentary

    Huey has always been an acquaintance of mine in th...

  97. A Dad's Letter

    This 3-minute short film relates a Dad's letter to...

  98. WOMAN

    A spoken-word poetry short film, that looks at the...

  99. We MUST Be BOLD

    Pro Football has changed communities since it was ...

  100. With Love And Respect The Story of Clovis Ink


  101. Dear Country

    This film is a short piece in response to America'...

  102. Whitney s Wedding

    WHITNEY'S WEDDING, turns what is considered normal...

  103. Hit or Miss

    This is a film about a woman who is literall...

  104. A Very Interesting Mirror

    A short film about a young woman in Los Angeles pu...

  105. World Record Attempt Largest Scooter Parade

    A small town joins together and tries to break a w...

  106. Birds of a Feather

    Life on the streets is never easy. For those who s...

  107. Storefront

    When confronted with her past, Wanda must choose t...


    Unconquerable was inspired by the journey of a dea...

  109. Life is Good

    A sad child with her teddy bear ready to commit su...

  110. Dinner Date

    A woman prepares an elaborate dinner for what s...

  111. A Light in a Dark World

    In a world that seems to fall further into chaos e...

  112. Eanaya and Jasmine

    This is a short film I produced, directed, edited,...

  113. The Lamb

    The Lamb was hand drawn onto A5 sheets of paper ov...

  114. Championship drive.

    The underdog Wild Boars face Avon in the Bill Glen...

  115. Feed the Wolf

    Bemidji Minnesota, the first city on the Missis...

  116. Bus stop

    Shot film Synopsis Hyun-wook was at the bus stop...

  117. Life

    David ponders the point of life while playing out ...

  118. When I Live My Dream

    A young outsider escapes to his dreams from the bu...

  119. Poverello Warehouse Ribbon Cutting


  120. My Brother Barclay - a start

    A story of hope through sibling connection and adm...

  121. The Story of Allendale

    A church helps a local community get back on their...

  122. Praying

    Reach into the mind of the prodigal son. This shor...

  123. Zombies Can Save This Town


  124. Literacy Empowers

    Empowerment is a key element in the Mariposa Count...

Total Videos: 124 • Total Votes: 10,503 • Total Video Views: 34,343

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Preliminary AudPop Selections

These are the audience vote winners that will proceed to the final round.

Patrick Vargo

Trevor's Story Of Hope

Joe Stone

Livin' the Dream

Ja'maal Eveillard

MM Haiti Giveback

SJS Team


Vanq Ivanova

Cerebral poetry

Preliminary Team Selections

These are the team selection that will proceed to the final round.

Ashley Seering


Albert Miller

Brooklyns Journey

James Churchman

Smile High Club Inc

INP Media

Dean McComb - Fighter.

André Miranda

My Sister

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Patrick Vargo

Trevor's Story Of Hope

Vote Count: 1488

Joe Stone

Livin' the Dream

Vote Count: 1379

Ja'maal Eveillard

MM Haiti Giveback

Vote Count: 959

SJS Team


Vote Count: 939

Vanq Ivanova

Cerebral poetry

Vote Count: 502

Amy Giaquinto

Through Gabriel's Eyes

Vote Count: 370

Katherine Marie Dunham

Hope Is Not A Dream

Vote Count: 367

Katherine Marie Dunham

A Growing Boy

Vote Count: 362

Adam Raynes

It's a Beautiful Day ... by Rob Drabkin

Vote Count: 346

Albert Miller

Brooklyns Journey

Vote Count: 293

Gregory Macias

Keep on Running

Vote Count: 226

Peter Mangum


Vote Count: 203

Joseph Bornilla

Beyond 10th Mark

Vote Count: 178

Lennox Orellana

Hope Man's Ruff Day

Vote Count: 151

Jeremy Ryan

ForceD to Change

Vote Count: 135

Spencer Connolly

The Building of the Field

Vote Count: 130

Justin Sandler


Vote Count: 126

André Miranda

My Sister

Vote Count: 117

Sophie Emma Wells

A Sweet Silence - A Short Film

Vote Count: 116

Quinten Van der Horst


Vote Count: 107

James Churchman

Smile High Club Inc

Vote Count: 82

Marianne Lu

Before Petrichor

Vote Count: 79

Dawn Brown

This is a Dog

Vote Count: 72

Misti Konsavage

Always a Shepherd

Vote Count: 67

Tyler Miles

Am I Enough

Vote Count: 61

Edson Ko

Long Day

Vote Count: 51

Angela Gonzalez

When I Was A Young Girl

Vote Count: 46

Evangello Cyedel Dela Peña


Vote Count: 44

Gabriel Diamond

Creating Social Fiction

Vote Count: 39

Gabriel Diamond

Still I Rise

Vote Count: 40

Abigail Bruley

On the Dot

Vote Count: 39

Pablo Olmos Arrayales

Why I do it

Vote Count: 37

Alexander Nechaev

Heritage 2018 short film

Vote Count: 35

Gonzalo Veloz

My open letter to Boston

Vote Count: 29

Janessa Boom

Libby Ann

Vote Count: 31

Otomars Berzins

Mother's Day

Vote Count: 30

Gabriel Diamond

Kofi Annan The World I am Working to create

Vote Count: 31

Katia Belas

The Strength Within You - DUI

Vote Count: 30

Madison Kadamus


Vote Count: 29

Kristin Catalano

Malignant Practice

Vote Count: 28

Kristi Simkins

Something Special

Vote Count: 28

Katia Belas

The Strength Within You - Be-YOU-tiful

Vote Count: 26

Mijin Han

Miss D's New Orleans Style Popcorn & Pralines

Vote Count: 26

Jonathan Ostos Yaber

The Morphable Man

Vote Count: 25

Caden Stayner


Vote Count: 23

Jonathan Davian Engle

Charlie the Magnificent

Vote Count: 25

Dana Hanna

Lend a Hand

Vote Count: 22

Aleksei Borovikov


Vote Count: 23

Andrea Giacomini

Happy Anniversary

Vote Count: 22

Emmanuel Bouvier


Vote Count: 19

Katia Belas

The Strength Within You - Love Wins

Vote Count: 21

Ashley Seering


Vote Count: 21

Brian Ellison

Making a Difference with My Difference

Vote Count: 21

Charles Bolton

NoonDay Demon

Vote Count: 19

Cheryl Hiltzik

Life Happens_ Inside Down syndrome a parents perspective

Vote Count: 18

J Nicholas Meese

The Gentleman Photographers

Vote Count: 17

Konstantin Puhov

Beyond the horizon

Vote Count: 17

Laura McMahon

Still Standing

Vote Count: 17

Sav Rodgers


Vote Count: 15

Aravindh Ragunathan

One Small Step

Vote Count: 14

Athithya Kanagarajan


Vote Count: 16

Emmanuel Bouvier

Three Of A Kind

Vote Count: 14

Zhen yee Khor

Uncle Joe

Vote Count: 14

Nikola Jovanovic


Vote Count: 15

Joshua Ortiz


Vote Count: 13

Franchesca Escano

Never Lose Hope

Vote Count: 14

Katharine Rogers

Dancing with Gene Kelly

Vote Count: 14

David Hutchinson

This Our Prayer

Vote Count: 14

Jerry Cunningham

Access Denied

Vote Count: 13

Ashley Martinez


Vote Count: 13

Anna Snowball

Thinking Big

Vote Count: 13

INP Media

Dean McComb - Fighter.

Vote Count: 13

Get Reel Productions

13 Thousand Reasons Why Not

Vote Count: 12

Johnny Soto

Library For London

Vote Count: 13

Thomas Walker


Vote Count: 13

Alexandru Dohotaru

She s made gas and light

Vote Count: 11

Emil Lippe

The Power of football in Eldon, Missouri

Vote Count: 12

Sarah Tamang

The colors of life

Vote Count: 10

Patrick Higgins

The Setup

Vote Count: 12

INP Media

Fight For Peace

Vote Count: 11

Coray McClellan

It Affects Families -- Fragile X

Vote Count: 10

Hannah Markley


Vote Count: 11

Jake Solomon

Next 50 Forward

Vote Count: 12

Ernesto Sandoval


Vote Count: 12

Trad Willmann

The Secret to Living

Vote Count: 11

Eddie Barrera

33rd Annual Helping Hands of Hope

Vote Count: 10

David Tembleque

Dear Tom

Vote Count: 12


United By Water

Vote Count: 11

Joshua Briggs

Puerto Rico Out of the Storm

Vote Count: 11

Ryan Flynn

Better Barbie Better World

Vote Count: 10

Dikesh Khadgi Shahi

life dosent rewind

Vote Count: 11



Vote Count: 11

Jonathan Knepper


Vote Count: 11

Get Reel Productions

The Kindness Project

Vote Count: 11

Joe Glass

Huey Ehredt Mansion Park Barber Shop Documentary

Vote Count: 10

Catherine McCord

A Dad's Letter

Vote Count: 10

Beatrice Sutcliffe


Vote Count: 9

Eric Welshenbaugh


Vote Count: 10

Johnny Soto

With Love And Respect The Story of Clovis Ink

Vote Count: 10

Jena Richardson

Dear Country

Vote Count: 10

John Lawson

Whitney s Wedding

Vote Count: 10

Kristine Gerolaga

Hit or Miss

Vote Count: 9

William Sparkes

A Very Interesting Mirror

Vote Count: 10

Nathan Stein

World Record Attempt Largest Scooter Parade

Vote Count: 10

Richie Valentino

Birds of a Feather

Vote Count: 10

Fer MacFarlane


Vote Count: 10

Ryan Azevedo


Vote Count: 9

Arif Ismayilov

Life is Good

Vote Count: 9

Selena Lane

Dinner Date

Vote Count: 9

Jacob Rak

A Light in a Dark World

Vote Count: 9

Mark Jacobs

Eanaya and Jasmine

Vote Count: 9

Richie Valentino

The Lamb

Vote Count: 9

Jonathan Joei

Championship drive.

Vote Count: 7

Jason Ewert

Feed the Wolf

Vote Count: 8

Soo-min Park

Bus stop

Vote Count: 8

Jake Rehm


Vote Count: 8

Bryce Bromberger

When I Live My Dream

Vote Count: 8

Johnny Soto

Poverello Warehouse Ribbon Cutting

Vote Count: 8

Charlotte Nickel

My Brother Barclay - a start

Vote Count: 8

Megan Byron

The Story of Allendale

Vote Count: 7

Grant Cowan


Vote Count: 7

Nathan Stein

Zombies Can Save This Town

Vote Count: 7

Rebecca Adams

Literacy Empowers

Vote Count: 7