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Director(s): Richard Lyford-Pike

The Lamb was hand drawn onto A5 sheets of paper over a course of 2 years. Each page was then individually photographed and finally edited onto computer. The short film was created to help educate, with the understanding that those less fortunate aren’t always alone and left vulnerable in this world. All parts of the processed work were achieved and created by Richard Lyford-Pike, including production and directing. Synopsis: This classic tale of a lamb and wolf takes a turn slightly obscure from its average known story. Set in a desert landscape, these Lambs travel to and from their destinations stopping for water and a well-earned rest along the way. It's been many years and generations since the Lambs' began this long and enduring desolate journey, but this is the first Lamb attempting the path who unlike the others is suffering a slight handicap. In this tale, there is a message to be heard and sometimes that message needs to be pushed just a little harder to be understood. A lamb with a twitch, a lamb that's not quite there, others who care and a wolf who's hunger just does not listen.

  • Beautiful
  • Fascinating
  • Ingenious
  • Inspiring