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AudFest 2020

Total Prize Value: 2020 AudPop Winning Films

Campaign Over

Dec 08, 2020 - Dec 11, 2020

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  1. Gratitude

    With a strong desire to pursue the American Dre...

  2. BREATHE by Ligia Lotus

    Breathe is a reminder of how important a simple pa...

  3. Day 74.

    What rituals ease the chaos boiling in our mind...


    Nighttime Thoughts explores th...

  5. Saint Dee Dee

    Saint Dee Dee follows a day in the life of an ever...


    "Rent control may not be sexy but it's importan...

  7. When I Grow Up...

    Kelly Rose is currently running for the Georgia St...

  8. 4 generations

    Finding a way in the midst of tragedy and pandemic...

  9. Going Viral

    Going Viral is a series I created while in conf...

  10. Daily Nonsense

    A 23 years old woman's quarantine life Written, Di...

  11. Tethered. A short music film.

    This little short is a spin off of a much larger m...

  12. The Nutcracker in Isolation During Missoula Gives 2020

    The Nutcracker is staying home, washing hands, ...

  13. A Montana Our Children Deserve

    In Montana, we know the value of strong communi...

  14. Last Bite

    In the midst of a global pandemic, a very paranoid...

Total Films: 14 • Total Votes: 32 • Total Film Views: 8,807

AudPop Winners

All Films in Campaign

Radha Mehta


Vote Count: 14

Ligia Lotus Soares

BREATHE by Ligia Lotus

Vote Count: 2

Beth Triffon


Vote Count: 2

Helen Baldwin Kingkade

Saint Dee Dee

Vote Count: 2

Sara Nesson


Vote Count: 2

Krystal Harris

When I Grow Up...

Vote Count: 1

Jade Jenise Dixon

4 generations

Vote Count: 1

Marcy Stone-Francois

Going Viral

Vote Count: 1

Jackie Fang

Daily Nonsense

Vote Count: 1

Jaclyn Amor

Tethered. A short music film.

Vote Count: 1

Caroline Kurz

The Nutcracker in Isolation During Missoula Gives 2020

Vote Count: 1

Lara Tomov

A Montana Our Children Deserve

Vote Count: 1

Ashley Seering

Last Bite

Vote Count: 1