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This film competed in
She Is Electable Film Challenge

Anastasia Foster and Caroline Torosis are commissioners on the Santa Monica Rent Control Board and are running as a slate for their second term in 2020. They share what drives them to run for local government, encouraging a diverse, younger generation to get involved in public service, and the high stakes of evictions during Covid 19. As a fellow Santa Monica renter and filmmaker, it was as much educational as it was enjoyable to film these "bad boss ladies" and to know that Santa Monica is leading the way for rent stabilization in the state. Inspired by the 'She is Electable' film challenge, I reached out to Anastasia and Caroline and asked if they would be interested in being a part of this project. Given they do this work for free, they said 'yes!' With my own gear, I made this piece as a one-woman-crew -- camera, sound, as well as editor.