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Tethered. A short music film.



This video competed in
AudFest 2020

This little short is a spin off of a much larger music video concept I’ve wanted to make for awhile now. With quarantine restrictions in play, and an itch to be on set, I though it best to find a way to shoot and collaborate with fellow creators. This film is a shout out to the artists, the creatives who sometimes feel uninspired, unmotivated, scared or like their work isn’t enough (myself included). This is a reminder that it is. That your work doesn’t have to move mountains but believe that it WILL move someone. During my time sheltering in place, I have revisited and recaptured moments of my youth, tapping into my inner child and creating just for the hell of it. I’m shooting and painting and making music purely because I feel like it. It feels liberating to be able to have the time for it, and definitely helps with the anxiety of uncertainty. We live a Hollywood Squares, split screen life these days and I wanted to highlight that in this film. You can follow the narratives of everyone and find yourself on a different journey with each re-watch. This project is highlighting the importance of entertainment and media, and how it truly keeps us connected, even when we’re apart. [INSERT ALL CREW POSITIONS] : JACLYN AMOR I did everything for this film. One person crew over here. Hi! Though I did have a friend help run around and toss the cans around so I could shoot them. I will say, it’s super hard shooting yourself when you hate being on camera… I’ll end this with a huge thank you to the amazing support system I have around the world, who gave me their time and energy by listening to a really rough idea of a song, and dancing their butts off for me so I could make this little gem of a film. They are the muses, the inspirations, and the ones that keep me going. DEDICATED TO ALL THE DREAMERS.