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Senior Shorts Video Contest

Total Prize Value: $3000

Campaign Over

Feb 24, 2015 - Mar 10, 2015

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  1. Cream Puff

    Bryce Parker is a depressed, closeted homosexual t...

  2. I Love You

    A lonesome girl tries to contact her twin sister a...

  3. He Dies in The End

    A Psycho/Drama film about a struggling writer who ...

  4. Venturing

    In this film you will find three short stories dem...

  5. Whitefish Greenhouse Project

    In the fall of 2014 Whitefish High School in White...

  6. The Secret to Living

    Addressing the theme of "the impact of giving back...

  7. Shelter - a short film about Homelessness

    Homeless needs help and Shelter Short Documentary ...

  8. 30 Seconds Before

    30 Second Before focuses on a mysterious transacti...


    This is a project done by San Domenico School stud...

  10. Open Door

    Two sisters go to the forbidden world with an iPho...

  11. No Hug Zone

    In the year 2014 scientists concluded that a touch...

  12. The Music Box

    Mitch and his sister find something peculiar when ...

  13. Be Caring, Be Kind

    A short anti-bully film created for the Great Amer...

  14. An Unexpected Visitor

    A young couple comes home to find their door open ...

  15. The Emotional Dimensions of the James River

    This experimental film provides an emotional rolle...

  16. Unplugged

    Carter discovers there's more to life than living ...

  17. Fire vs Ice

    Two friends are hanging out with each other in fro...

  18. Camping Misadventures

    A family from the city goes camping. Even with the...

  19. Faces

    A 3-part experimental trilogy exploring identity....

  20. Modern Western

    It tells the story of a lonely and peaceful cowboy...

  21. Your Face (Clean)

    Ken is home alone and stuck in his room on the day...

  22. Yin-Yang

    The Elements are controlled by the upper two calle...

  23. Silentcraft: Its Every Thing But

    In a family there are two brothers. The older is m...

  24. Buddy the Voice of the People: Batteries Not Included

    The 24'oclock news, the fictitious and very powerf...

Total Videos: 24 • Total Votes: 4,967 • Total Video Views: 11,528

AudPop Winners

All Videos in Campaign

David Jenny

Cream Puff

Vote Count: 1188

Alicia Gill

I Love You

Vote Count: 397

Pranav Bhasin

He Dies in The End

Vote Count: 500

Christopher Hammock


Vote Count: 335

Daniel Cameron

Whitefish Greenhouse Project

Vote Count: 264

Trad Willmann

The Secret to Living

Vote Count: 189

Ali Arnab

Shelter - a short film about Homelessness

Vote Count: 145

Grady Stewart

30 Seconds Before

Vote Count: 192

Duoduo Liang


Vote Count: 89

Parthiban Shanmugam

Open Door

Vote Count: 76

Jacqueline Olivo

No Hug Zone

Vote Count: 155

Jacqueline Olivo

The Music Box

Vote Count: 155

Alec Burton

Be Caring, Be Kind

Vote Count: 150

Sam Vargen

An Unexpected Visitor

Vote Count: 149


The Emotional Dimensions of the James River

Vote Count: 76

James Hamill


Vote Count: 123

Kasey Leavell

Fire vs Ice

Vote Count: 119

Chris Choyce

Camping Misadventures

Vote Count: 101

Abbey Sacks


Vote Count: 98

Axel Cheb Terrab

Modern Western

Vote Count: 97

Ken Asada

Your Face (Clean)

Vote Count: 95

Miles Stanley


Vote Count: 95

Miles Stanley

Silentcraft: Its Every Thing But

Vote Count: 91

Miles Stanley

Buddy the Voice of the People: Batteries Not Included

Vote Count: 88