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Senior Shorts Video Contest

Director(s): Duoduo (Jacqueline) Liang

This is a project done by San Domenico School students, Duoduo (Jacqueline) Liang and Jingyi (Claire) Hu, in Social Justice Class. It intends to evoke our peers' empathy and raise awareness regarding the human trafficking issue, especially sex trafficking. The project includes a video and a series of posters. This video is based on true stories of human trafficking. Scripts is comprised of 4 themes -- how it started, how he tricked me, in THERE and how he controlled me. Words are taken directly from true survivor stories with minor changes. Voice covered by high school students from San Domenico School. Thank you for all of you who helped us with this project. The posters goes along with the video. Please turn the page when you see an arrow on the video. Please put on your earphones while listening. Other information: Posters: https://docs.google.com/presentation/... Work Cited & Script: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o... Voice cover by: Juliana Johnson, Erin Halbrecht, Muffin Ray, Daria Jackson, Ashley Mulshenock, Camille Ayanruoh, Alice Zhang, Sarah Kissinger, Ioulia Gotsis, Cameron Mine, Yining Wong, Sydney Levine, Jacqueline Liang, Yidian Dong, Vivian Huang, Angelina Chen Special Thanks: Kristen Levine (Social Justice Class Teacher), San Domenico School

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