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Silentcraft: Its Every Thing But


Audience Awards

This video competed in
Senior Shorts Video Contest

Director(s): Colton Wiessleder

In a family there are two brothers. The older is mean and hipster like while the other one is young, nice and consider but a bit nerdy. It is as if they are the complete opposite. One day the older brother insults the nice one to such a degree that he begins to get, not only sad, but silently angry. Our protagonist goes up to his room and plays a game called Minecraft. While playing Minecraft he gents the idea of "If only he can take weapons out of Minecraft and transfer them into the real world." He then, after collecting a lot of iron minerals from a mine, crafts an iron sword though the game which the camera angle gives the appearance that the protagonist is actually pulling the sword out of the computer monitor. Our Protagonist then goes back downstairs and finds his brother and begins the chase with sword in hand. The chase scene brings to the table old gags like the "Portal Doors" and random original gags. For example, it's dinner time and both boys stop what they're doing and eat like nothing happened, but afterwards it's right back in the chase. The chase scene continues for a good amount of time until the protagonist traps the antagonist in the corner. It appears that the antagonist is really in for it. Then the protagonist raises the sword and then being nice, lightly taps him on the head saying "tag" your it and runs off away laughing. The older brother looks confused and then he face palms.