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Shelter - a short film about Homelessness


Audience Awards

This video competed in
Senior Shorts Video Contest

Director(s): Ali Afroj Arnab

Homeless needs help and Shelter Short Documentary Type Film.They are not homeless.America is their home.They are part of us,our family.Human like we all are.American like we all are.Just a little help can make a big difference.77,430 people people in New York is homeless when we are 19.65 million people lives in New York State.Also 316.1 million people lives in United States when only 610,042 people are homeless.If half of us shows a little bit of our Humanity we can change the world.There will be no homeless left behind.Help all of the organizations work for homeless and also help the homeless by yourself.Help with what you have, with your ability.Every single of them has a story that will bring your tears.They had family They had a life like we all do but they didn't have the luck that supported them.So please Help the Homeless.Give your hands toward them.They are part of us.Humans like we all are.