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The Toymaker


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The Toymaker is the life of the Venezuelan folk artist Mario Calderón told by his own toys. It’s a mix of documentary, fiction and animation. A journey to childhood, a love story for those toys that cultivate fantasy. Synopsis Mario, a young musician and bohemian medicine student, lives a magical moment in an antique-toy store. When Mario suffers the loss of Pilar, the love of his life, toys help him to recover, making his inner child to reborn and filling him with inspiration. Mario creates a small museum full of magic and founds “Pilar’s Toys” becoming in an important toymaker in his country (Venezuela) and gaining global recognition. 30 years later, his country is on a crisis, his workshop and his small museum are in danger, Mario considers retiring. Yet, the contact with the shocking reality gives him back his motivation: childhood is endangered; it has been diminished to a single part of the market bombed by publicity. Mario renews his energy, there is still a reason to fight for, and his inner child brings together a troop of toys from all epochs with the mission of saving child’s fantasy. http://toymakermovie.com/

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