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Rob Galea - In the Wiggles


Director(s): john tsambazis

The experience goes beyond excitement and commotion, involving a delightful element of wiggling. Fr. Rob Galea, a charismatic Catholic Priest from Malta residing in Australia, plays a significant role. He is the founder of FRG Ministry, touching the lives of over 1,400,000 individuals annually. Inspired by Elvis Presley and Baz Luhrmann, Fr. Rob Galea's autobiographical book, "Breakthrough," has gained attention for a potential film adaptation. The team, including Rosemary Marks and Paul Mahoney, won the Best Screenplay award at the Gatsby-themed competition held by PIFF. Congratulations to Paul Mahoney and Rosemary Marks! Visit doitscaredmovie.com to learn more about the captivating film. This project, led by John Tsambazis and Rosemary Marks, extends beyond excitement, encompassing a delightful element of wiggling, inspired by Elvis Presley and Baz Luhrmann.