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Warning! This video includes Strong Language

The Loud Spirit of the South


Audience Awards

This video competed in
2019 Music Shorts Film Festival

The Loud Spirit of the South is an Indie Documentary about the New Orleans underground music scene happening as we speak. With an overwhelming history of music, an older era of music seems to take the spot light in most outsiders minds. But this journey is about discovering a diverse group of musicians who are at the front line of pushing New Orleans into the future. Director: Arian Soheili Producer: Megan Sutherland, Modshift Camera: Arian Soheili Editor: Arian Soheili Featuring: Sabine McCalla, Pinkroom Project, Okay Crawdad, Suplecs, Special Interest, Evan Oberla, Lauren Miller, Wasteman, Asher Danziger, Nick Shoulders, Danny Nick, Tasche and the Psychedelic Roses, United Bakery Records.