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Warning! This video includes Strong Language

Gonna Sip That Sip Hit That Dip. The Emerging Queer Hip Hop Movement


Audience Awards

This video competed in
2019 Music Shorts Film Festival

This is a short documentary about an emerging scene which is on the verge of becoming mainstream - the queer hip-hop scene. In addition to documenting the scene, we also wanted to challenge the assumption that the 'queer hip hop' movement is progressing solely because the US is more open to homosexuality compared to 10 years ago. The ethnographic/interview approach uncovered a plethora of other variables that can be attributed to the increased visibility and success of left-of-center hip-hop artists and the broader movement. Featuring THEESatisfaction, Cakes Da Killa, Cunt Mafia, Jay Boogie et al.


  • TOY

    Samuele Romano