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Ice The Musical


Audience Awards

This video competed in
2019 Music Shorts Film Festival

At the Golden Bar, gentlemen spend their money on expensive bottles and exorbitant tips, taking every chance to flaunt what they consider an insurmountable power.A woman, DRISS (26) fits into this hostile environment. She is an ambitious young lady, who knows how to stand up for herself among the wealthy men who surround her.TELMO (25) is a waiter who dreams of confessing his love to Driss: '' My first dance ''. Driss is accompanied by EDUARDO (36). As Telmo sings, Eduardo slaps Driss. Telmo stops working in order to help the young lady. He seizes the moment to confess his feelings for her.Driss denies the existence of love. Her personal experience makes her define love as a dream in which to get lost.Telmo proves her wrong by stating that his feelings for her are of true love: ‘Flash’. Just as Telmo convinces Driss, Eduardo appears. He had been suspiciously observing them as their chat became more and more intimate.He offers Driss a wad of cash so as to separate her from the young man, and she has no other choice but to accept it.Telmo shows off his strong personality and confronts Eduardo: ‘Duel: Who do you think you are?’ As a last resort, Telmo offers Driss all the money he had been saving for months in order to continue talking with her.Driss is offended as he realizes that Telmo is just as every other client in the bar, someone who only sees her as an object which can be bought.Driss leaves the bar dejected and alone. Telmo, disappointed with himself, stays in the bar. They both sing ‘I’ll wait’.