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Chloe Wine Collection

This film competed in
The She Directed Filmmaker Contest

Log line: In an attempt to gain the respect of her peers, Nicole tries out for the high school's men's wrestling team and makes the cut. Little does she know, she will have to wrestle with her own insecurities before bringing them to the mat. Hello, I am Nicole Holmes the director and writer of Chunky Tuna. The story is based on true events from my own personal journey. I was the first woman to join the mens wrestling team and complete the season. After me came two more female wrestlers and so on. Chunky Tuna is a coming of age high school comedy that follows Nicole, an overweight, spirited high school student. As if acne, high school and the greasy tuna fish sandwich kid from across the bleachers weren't enough to worry about; Nicole finds herself wrestling a current of teenage angst after convincing her principle to try out for the men's wrestling team and making the cut. With the help of her stoner best friend Samantha, Nicole overcomes the team's hateful remarks and gains their respect after winning her match against the schools rivals and leaving all her insecurities on the mat. I am so happy that i am able to share my own personal story with you and I hope you enjoy. -Nicole Holmes

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