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2017 Dramatic Shorts Film Festival

Total Prize Value: $2,700

Campaign Over

Jan 17, 2017 - Jan 24, 2017

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  1. Walter

    The theme discussed – in a tone of comedy and tr...

  2. Among The Dead. Hide and Go Seek. Season1.Episode1.

    Welcome to a world of "Among The Dead®".As a fami...

  3. Charlie

    Charlie has just graduated from high school. The b...

  4. Move On

    This Video shows the inevitable collision of three...

  5. I'm Sorry

    A husband apologizes to his wife for the state of ...

  6. Destiny

    SYNOPSIS In the year 2113 space travel as become ...

  7. Being Thomas

    A troubled kid burglarizes an elderly man who welc...

  8. The Door

    As the world around them crumbles to an end, these...

  9. Lost Face

    Lost Face is a classic story by legendary writer J...

  10. Beast of Whitehall HD

    August, 1976: Three teens driving on an isolated s...

  11. The Talk

    The Talk is a short film written and directed by J...

  12. Situational

    A dark comedy short about depression, friendship a...

  13. Path to Crimson

    Path to Crimson is about a man who finds himself i...

  14. in_between

    David and Yumi live in Paris. They've got problems...

  15. La Panne - The Breakdown

    A young author who can talk to his characters had ...

  16. A Hero In All Of Us

    A loving mother, trapped in a violent relationship...


    A thief breaks into a house and makes an unexpecte...

  18. DAD

    A Mexican widower and son's relationship is put...

  19. Tape

    A young criminal struggles between loyalty and fre...

  20. This Panda Is Dancing

    A poetic short film by Max Stossel & Sander van Di...

  21. Monsters HD

    Jenn lives in an underground bunker with her famil...


    A mortician deals with loss....

  23. Stray Dogs

    The sun beats down. Frank waits for the bus. His...

  24. The Irrational Fear of Nothing

    Following behind the back of a paranoid, neurotic ...

  25. Home Away

    Synopsis: Home Away is a dramatic short film about...

  26. Eye for an Eye

    Once the party is over, Lilah and Echo decide to v...

  27. Duelos

    A child loses his pet because it is trávelling to...

  28. West James Street

    Three students are trapped in a library while a ki...

  29. Marc Chung Protects His Address

    Marc Chung buys a pellet gun to protect his addres...

  30. Time a short by Theodore Collatos

    "Time blurs the line between documentary and ficti...

  31. Ben le robot

    Production : LA PAC Director : David Wilson Agen...

  32. The letters


  33. Beware Contest Edition

    Two brothers are watching TV as they start to disc...

  34. Price of Atonement

    During a routine investigation, Detective Cole McR...

  35. Insomnia

    A man goes psychotic after being awake for nearly ...

  36. Lonely Holidays


  37. Let's Ride

    A woman's life is drastically changed in one night...

  38. Death Deferred

    This experimental documentary chronicles the inner...

Total Videos: 38 • Total Votes: 3,779 • Total Video Views: 13,566

AudPop Winners

Israel Gual

Among The Dead. Hide and Go Seek. Season1.Episode1.

Team Winners

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Vote Count: 1242

Israel Gual

Among The Dead. Hide and Go Seek. Season1.Episode1.

Vote Count: 1050

Dani Venen


Vote Count: 387

Mario Gonzalez

Move On

Vote Count: 217

Hovannes Jarkezian

I'm Sorry

Vote Count: 181

Andy Demetriou


Vote Count: 119

Mario Patrick Mattei II

Being Thomas

Vote Count: 56

Richard Mone

The Door

Vote Count: 55

Sean Meehan

Lost Face

Vote Count: 46

Seth Breedlove

Beast of Whitehall HD

Vote Count: 46

Scott Simonsen


Vote Count: 27

Joe Wisener

Path to Crimson

Vote Count: 26

Lionel Rigal


Vote Count: 24

Anthony Faure

La Panne - The Breakdown

Vote Count: 24

Travis Lupher

A Hero In All Of Us

Vote Count: 20

Mark Mazur


Vote Count: 17

Antonio Aguinaga


Vote Count: 15

Max Stossel

This Panda Is Dancing

Vote Count: 13

Steve Desmond

Monsters HD

Vote Count: 13

Brenton Oechsle


Vote Count: 13

Minka FK

Stray Dogs

Vote Count: 12

Paul Trillo

The Irrational Fear of Nothing

Vote Count: 11

Hannah Yohannes

Home Away

Vote Count: 11

Marco Prestini

Eye for an Eye

Vote Count: 10

Yolanda Román


Vote Count: 10

Anthony Thomas

West James Street

Vote Count: 10

Michael Chan

Marc Chung Protects His Address

Vote Count: 9

Theodore Collatos

Time a short by Theodore Collatos

Vote Count: 9


Ben le robot

Vote Count: 9

Eun Seo Park

The letters

Vote Count: 7

Jack Schoenfeld

Beware Contest Edition

Vote Count: 6

Wes Ranson

Price of Atonement

Vote Count: 6

Troy Lucia


Vote Count: 5

Carmine Caradonna

Lonely Holidays

Vote Count: 5

Jesse Robinson

Let's Ride

Vote Count: 5

Nathan Wright

Death Deferred

Vote Count: 4