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This film competed in
Gestures Of Trust Video Contest

At twenty-two years old, Grace Acevedo discovers her late mother’s world through a diary. As Grace learns about her mother’s unfinished journey from Napa wine field worker to Ivy League student, she uncovers disturbing revelations about her biological father and begins to understand her strained relationship with her grandmother. The diary inspires Grace to follow in her mother’s footsteps to attend Harvard University. However, when she arrives, Grace sees gender inequities all around her, like those experienced by her mother before her. This shock motivates her to work with the Dean of Harvard College on a study to expose the depth and cause of gender inequalities in Harvard’s rate of graduating honors. Ultimately, her efforts help Grace achieve closure with her mother’s past and mend her troubled relationship with her grandmother. Through Grace’s story of struggle and triumph, it is revealed how the systemic oppression of women can be overcome when we acknowledge biases ingrained in our society and become one in the fight for equality.