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Director(s): Radha Mehta

A woman's emotional journey on her first day back to work from maternity leave.

A top finalist for the brand BBB.

Filmmaker's Statement:
This film was inspired by the theme of "trust" and based on my personal story.  Returning to work after having a baby and spending many intense bonding moments with her was not easy. I had to work up the courage to trust my nanny to care for my children, especially my newborn, as I was required to return to a lifestyle involving work as the key means to financially support my family.
And, separately, I had to work up the courage to trust my business colleagues to take over my responsibilities so that I could be away to focus on being just a mother.  I've developed faith in my colleagues over many years of working with them all because of trust.  I noticed the more I trusted them, the more they delivered, well beyond my expectations.  I believe trust and transparency leads to greater leadership and customer service within my team.  Treating my colleagues with respect, like family, helps contribute to them loving what they do.

  • Beautiful
  • Courageous
  • Inspiring