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Trust Within

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This video is about the different ways people struggle, but ultimately find trust within. When you trust yourself, it becomes easier to find trust in others, build trusted relationships and share the 5 languages of trust: to be Honest, transparent, proactive, equitable and humble. Businesses do not only sell a product but also provide services. Therefore, trust and communication are key. The importance of team work in the marketplace and trust are what make those relationships last and thrive. With a recent new job and new relationships with employers, co-workers and customers, I ran across this contest and thought it was both challenging and important for me to explore those gestures of trust and connect it to both my artistic and practical self. With the help of co-workers, friends and even businesses we were able to put together this short video we are very honored to share. While making this video and working with others we all learned the very purpose of the content and applied it to making this video a reality. Special thanks to everyone who participated: Christina Igaraividez, Davey Har'el, Danny Navarro, Andy Ruiz, Nicolett Vonchelle, Ivon Millan, Tom Waters, Tschka Moran, Michelle Blacke and her adorable son Alek Blacke. A very special thanks to my Employer, friend, and co-producer of this video Natalia Lazarus from Los Angles Performing Arts Conservatory and Latinaish.tv.