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Kindred - Episode 2 Preview - Transfiguring Adoption

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Institute for Family

This film competed in
Family Stories Film Challenge


As a Korean adoptee it has been a passion of mine to film stories of foster care and adoption since 2012. After connecting with Darren the Co-founder of Transfiguring Adoption, I asked if I could film a story to cover their foster care to adoption journey. I was blessed that they opened their home to me and allowed me into their vulnerable space. These caretakers found something unique to help connect them with the kids in their care through media, in order to help them safely walk through the trauma that they went through and continue to relive at times.

I remember as a kid how I searched and searched for books, TV shows and movies to find characters that I could connect too. One of my favorite stories as a child growing up was Anne of Green Gables. This family and how they are trying to make a difference in the foster care and adoption world through Transfiguring Adoption, really resonated with me.

This is only a short preview of their journey. You can catch their full story, as well on my YouTube Channel - Shelby Redfield Kilgore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSk0Qsmvv4U&t=16s

I hope you'll check out the over 60 foster care and adoption stories I have covered since 2012. You can find all of my films at www.wearemirrorlight.com.

I produce, film and edit all of my work on foster care and adoption.

Music is by Soundstripe.