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Warning! This video includes Nudity, Violence, Strong Language


This video competed in
2022 Pride Film Challenge

"A Kept Boy" is inspired by true events. At the age of 17, Jason meets Anne, 35, a bubbly and joyful woman who hires Jason. A unique friendship flourishes as Anne helps Jason to break out of his shell. This is until one night when Anne decides to take their friendship to an unexpected place by touching Jason, and explaining to him the confusion he has over his sexuality. Jason is desperate to be anyone but himself believes her theories, and from this is born a dramatic and soul crushing relationship that will continue for years. "A Kept Boy" was both a challenging and therapeutic journey for me. Having personally experienced this toxic dynamic it took me much time to shed my fears and reservations towards writing this film let alone producing and directing it. With this said, I am very proud of this film and believe it can help build a more empathetic understanding of what young queer people can go through to simply love and understand themselves.

  • Courageous