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26 Seconds Trafficked Transgenders



This video competed in
2022 Pride Film Challenge

Transgenders who have crossed the Tijuana border into the United States to escape persecution in their homeland are at a high risk of being exploited. They are often in desperate need of money, unable to earn a living or speak English, and a fear of going to the police makes them easy prey for sex traffickers and pimps. Their stories are similar, oftentimes molested by their relatives at a young age only to be shunned by family & society for their sexuality. Transgenders’ customers include a wide range of people and professionals, such as police officers, military, lawyers, professional businessmen, and usually married men. Due to discrimination in many jobs and industries, transgenders often have no choice but to turn to alternative ways to make money. This includes drugs, commercial sex and other criminalized work. People from all walks of life can become a victim of human trafficking but one of the biggest factors that all victims share is vulnerability. The unique obstacles faced by transgender individuals make them susceptible to exploitation because these factors can engender a willingness to do whatever is necessary for survival.