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Animation Short Video Contest

Total Prize Value: $500

Campaign Over

Jul 07, 2015 - Jul 16, 2015

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  1. EmBarked

    When Jimmy moves away from his old house, the tree...

  2. Pokey Pokey

    A father starts a journey to figure out the best w...

  3. Can I Stay

    An apprehensive homeless girl must traverse a dang...

  4. The 182nd Legion - Revenge

    The 182nd legion has successfully destroyed the dr...

  5. Switch Man

    In a normal quiet Sunday, Dr. Evil Mantis attacted...

  6. Reid's Rocket

    Reid and his father live alone on a wind turbine f...

  7. Helena's Dream

    Helena is a little girl who suffers from cancer an...

  8. The Little Scarecrow

    A little scarecrow, named "Patches," comes to term...

  9. Leonid in Space

    It’s 1957, and Russia and The United States are ...

  10. Beauty Sacrifice

    In the mysterious night, a stone-faced beauty glar...

  11. Straw

    A miserable cup copes with not being able to play ...

  12. Companion

    A stray puppy suddenly appears to brighten up a lo...

  13. The Importance of Lios

    The Importance of Lios is a stop-motion short abou...

  14. Peel

    The character incidentally peels his skin off whil...

  15. The Lamb

    The Lamb was hand drawn onto A5 sheets of paper ov...

  16. Static Run

    'Static Run' is an animated short about a generall...

  17. A Bing

    The story is about the relationship between the fa...

  18. Lego Weapon Store

    A man is buying weapons to kill someone he knows. ...

  19. Heritance

    This film was made in 100 hours. It is the stor...

  20. Mark - The Circle of Life

    Here is a story about a depressed circle who finds...

  21. La période d’or

    The great friendship of two flowers endures as the...

  22. Hipsters

    Two hipsters find old bags of clothes they no long...

  23. Brass

    He loves her, she loves him but their boss is jeal...

Total Videos: 22 • Total Votes: 4,005 • Total Video Views: 3,600

All Videos in Campaign

Mikel Mugica


Vote Count: 328

Junjie Zhang

Pokey Pokey

Vote Count: 245

Katie Knudson

Can I Stay

Vote Count: 239

Tyler Wursta

The 182nd Legion - Revenge

Vote Count: 216

Husn-Chun Chuang

Switch Man

Vote Count: 201

Spencer Noble

Reid's Rocket

Vote Count: 181

Heloise Magny

Helena's Dream

Vote Count: 177

Brendan Latran

The Little Scarecrow

Vote Count: 173

Kendra Williford

Leonid in Space

Vote Count: 173

Shannon Lee

Beauty Sacrifice

Vote Count: 172

Jacob Godel


Vote Count: 168

Sean O'Neill


Vote Count: 167

Danielle Edwards

The Importance of Lios

Vote Count: 162

Jenny Liu


Vote Count: 161

Richie Valentino

The Lamb

Vote Count: 154

Sean Ye

Static Run

Vote Count: 151

Jason Zhang

A Bing

Vote Count: 148

Tyler Wursta

Lego Weapon Store

Vote Count: 145

Monsieur Sieur


Vote Count: 136

Max Weisman

Mark - The Circle of Life

Vote Count: 134

Aasha Sriram

La période d’or

Vote Count: 131

Cameron McClain


Vote Count: 123