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2019 Horror Shorts Film Festival

Total Prize Value: FUJI Camera + Distribution Deal

Campaign Over

Sep 04, 2019 - Sep 10, 2019

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  1. The Chain

    Kayla is just like any other social tween. She ...

  2. Save Your Self

    After attempting a world flight, and ditching over...

  3. Mia 2019

    Mia is just an average teenager, but one foolish d...

  4. Loop

    I am a student of cinema.This film is made with...

  5. .


  6. The InFeCted

    For one couple an evening of leisure has just beco...


    A story about a girl's desire which unfortunate...

  8. The Devil's Passenger

    The Devil's Passenger is about Lauren (Colleen ...

  9. ADAM

    Adam, a re-animated being with a tortured soul see...

  10. Literally Hell episode 3

    Damien, Lucy and Mary have been given another assi...

  11. Curse Within Shadows 2018

    The film imitates the extent to which we have b...

  12. Striges

    Blood is drawn in the middle of the night when ...

  13. It Crawled In Through The Window

    Late-night pillow talk takes a nightmarish turn. ...

  14. RED TALE

    RED TALE is a dark fairy tale which opposed RED RI...


    A short film created for my Extended Diploma at We...



  17. Clown Canvas

    Spencer, a clown fanatic artist undergoes strange ...

  18. Unanswered

    A young man comes home to his empty house and i...

  19. FURROW Proof of concept

    Young farm girl LAURA accidentally releases unspea...

  20. The Whistler

    If you hear his whistle echoing in the darkness of...

  21. The Fever

    When Kaiden falls ill he looks to his mom for supp...

  22. A Doll For Edgar

    Reeling from the recent death of his mother, a you...

  23. Here Comes Eddie

    A late night encounter with a strange Craigslist a...

  24. The Little Chapel

    A young girl named Stacy attempts to bring her fri...

  25. NEVER


  26. Occurrence at Mills Creek

    Cassandra awakens to a nightmare as her pleas to b...

  27. 4ANI_Wajn_Ulrix_Deprivation_Kortfilm


  28. Dirt

    Short horror 'Dirt' follows Penny, a troubled runa...

  29. She Dreams

    MIA has hopes of becoming an actress but starts ha...

  30. Dykefoot

    Four friends head into the woods of Washington—o...

  31. Crimson Red

    I am The Director,Editor, Producer, Writer And Sta...

  32. KNOCK

    Percy returns to the home where she lost her fathe...

  33. SERIAL SCHOOL-CREE 7 24 2018

    A group of sadists team up to form a "school" for ...

  34. SS All FourSerial School Chapters 1-4

    This webseries is based on my screenplay "Serial S...

  35. Melodies Of A Mute Life

    Melo, a young and bright individual loses a very c...

  36. Shadow

    An unusual love story, which follows the main char...

  37. The Mundane Life of the Infurious David McMiller

    Jessica begins to grow suspicious of her coworker ...


    A babysitter by the name of Joan finds herself wor...

  39. The Nocnitsa

    My name is Andy James Taylor, I am the writer, pro...

  40. Mind Of Mine

    Whilst recording a new track in the studio, someth...

  41. The Final Kiss

    During the time of dark Middle Ages, a young gi...


    The rules of girls night are simple: hold each ...

  43. A Not So Scary Story

    A simple campfire story that goes terribly wrong...

  44. Need a Lift


  45. HI Neighbor

    Successful suburbanite Erin has had enough of her ...

  46. SHHHH

    It was supposed to be just another ordinary evenin...

  47. It's Not Me It's You

    A quirky and dark romantic comedy, filled with lau...

  48. We're Nothing

    Title: We're Nothing Band: Postvorta Video Directo...

  49. Thirteenth Tree XIII - Lost Brand

    "Thirteenth Tree" is a song written after the trag...

  50. The Kid Who Drowned at Summer Camp

    written, directed, animated by Marianna Hersko

  51. The Last Photoshoot

    A pretty model and her photographer meet the demon...

  52. Victim No 7

    The woman is the victim of a sexually transmitted ...

  53. The Closet

    Found Footage: Perversion for Profit (1964) archiv...

  54. The Sound

    A dysfunctional father and child find the solution...

  55. Death Lay Here

    A young man named Charlie Berry comes across a mys...

  56. We Are You

    There was this woman driving on the highway at ...

  57. HOME

    It has been days since Mariela has been held in a ...

  58. Stories For The Fire 2019

    Three friends sit around a backyard fire and share...

  59. Little Dreamer

    An overworked man must escape a ghoulish presen...

  60. The Knifeman

    An unfortunate Knifeman breakes into the house of ...

Total Videos: 60 • Total Votes: 1,479 • Total Video Views: 9,425

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Preliminary AudPop Selections

These are the audience vote winners that will proceed to the final round.

Seraphina Jerome

The Chain

Craig Baurley

Save Your Self

Zakery Jones

Mia 2019

Preliminary Team Selections

Team selection to be announced.

All Videos in Campaign

Seraphina Jerome

The Chain

Vote Count: 420

Craig Baurley

Save Your Self

Vote Count: 307

Zakery Jones

Mia 2019

Vote Count: 222

Maryam Javidan fard


Vote Count: 176

Javier Augusto Nunez


Vote Count: 129

Kimberly Holt

The InFeCted

Vote Count: 125

Giriesh Arora


Vote Count: 22

Dave Bundtzen

The Devil's Passenger

Vote Count: 17

Gemma Paul


Vote Count: 13

Robert Poller

Literally Hell episode 3

Vote Count: 8

IMAD Ghadjetti

Curse Within Shadows 2018

Vote Count: 3

Greg Vogt


Vote Count: 3

Isaac Ruth

It Crawled In Through The Window

Vote Count: 3

Natacha Thomas


Vote Count: 3

Georgia Clark


Vote Count: 3

Chris Roe


Vote Count: 2

Akhil Sachi

Clown Canvas

Vote Count: 2

Nils Kimmel


Vote Count: 2

Jesse Haaja

FURROW Proof of concept

Vote Count: 2

Anglia Walpool-Greenwood

The Whistler

Vote Count: 1

Amina Kearney

The Fever

Vote Count: 1

Anthony Dones

A Doll For Edgar

Vote Count: 1

Chris Schrack

Here Comes Eddie

Vote Count: 1

Richard Schertzer

The Little Chapel

Vote Count: 1

Ileana Andrea Gómez Gavinoser


Vote Count: 1

Don Swanson

Occurrence at Mills Creek

Vote Count: 1

Wajn Ulrix


Vote Count: 1

Lyndsay Sarah


Vote Count: 1

Xanvier Allison

She Dreams

Vote Count: 1

Bradley London


Vote Count: 1

Gregory Hines

Crimson Red

Vote Count: 1

Hope Wager


Vote Count: 1

Paul Pastore


Vote Count: 1

Paul Pastore

SS All FourSerial School Chapters 1-4

Vote Count: 1

André Moniz Vieira

Melodies Of A Mute Life

Vote Count: 1

Yu Han


Vote Count: 1

T.C. De Witt

The Mundane Life of the Infurious David McMiller

Vote Count: 0

Gregory Foltynowicz


Vote Count: 0

Andrew Taylor

The Nocnitsa

Vote Count: 0

Eyes To Film Ltd

Mind Of Mine

Vote Count: 0

Mikko Lintunen

The Final Kiss

Vote Count: 0

Nicholas Sherman

A Not So Scary Story

Vote Count: 0

Wren Barnes

Need a Lift

Vote Count: 0

T.C. De Witt

HI Neighbor

Vote Count: 0

Mordechay Jonathan


Vote Count: 0

Chance Housley

It's Not Me It's You

Vote Count: 0

Kelly Hughes

We're Nothing

Vote Count: 0

Giuliano Cardu

Thirteenth Tree XIII - Lost Brand

Vote Count: 0

Marianna Hersko

The Kid Who Drowned at Summer Camp

Vote Count: 0

Pascal Schmidlin

The Last Photoshoot

Vote Count: 0

Jaafar Mohseni

Victim No 7

Vote Count: 0

Dylan Paoli

The Closet

Vote Count: 0

Katrina Brede

The Sound

Vote Count: 0

Richard Schertzer

Death Lay Here

Vote Count: 0

Tallulah Remond-Stephen

We Are You

Vote Count: 0

Jeanelle Warren


Vote Count: 0

T.C. De Witt

Stories For The Fire 2019

Vote Count: 0

Jason Sheedy

Little Dreamer

Vote Count: 0

Zetkin Yikilmis

The Knifeman

Vote Count: 0