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2017 Horror Shorts Film Festival

Total Prize Value: $2,850

Campaign Over

Oct 17, 2017 - Oct 24, 2017

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  1. Dying Breath

    Diana, a college-bound girl, embarks on one final ...


    In a moment of peace and quiet a young girl prepar...

  3. Neighbor

    One day, a girl moved into an apartment. everythin...

  4. The Craftsman

    A detective tale about a father and his search for...

  5. The Rage

    A bio scientist tries to escape a Rage infected...

  6. Elly

    Elly Albers, a shy college sophomore, is offere...

  7. Red Cloud Movie

    In 1987 there was a small town where vampire...

  8. The Last Stop

    A pest exterminator meets his worst nightmare....

  9. Twilight of Dreams Zombie Jesus Vampire Hunter

    TWILIGHT OF DREAMS “Zombie Jesus Vampire Hunt...

  10. The Devil and Frog Mountain



    POLAROID KINGDOM is an indie atmospheric horror sh...

  12. TheSpinsterFilm

    Fatal Attraction meets American Werewolf in London...

  13. For The Road

    Alex Booth recounts her last terrifying night in J...

  14. Creatures of Whitechapel

    *Winner of 56 Awards and Official Selection of...

  15. Belle

    After bringing home a doll, a couple begins to exp...


    Penny and her therapist battle her phobia of ballo...

  17. Blood Sisters

    Amateur witchcraft conjures up bloody consequences...

  18. Out Of The Shallows

    Before heading back to college, two friends go out...

  19. The Essay From Hell

    Conscientious high school student, Rob, declines a...

  20. Gratuity

    A disgruntled waiter serves up just desserts to hi...

  21. Notification

    When you've been taken and are being tortured y...

  22. Not My God

    After their leader is possessed by an angel, a gro...

  23. The Untold Truth

    Jason Brown (The Viper), a young, ruthless gangste...

  24. Interviewed

    Young would-be professional Max Derrickson unknowi...

  25. Tonton Macoute

    In Haitian Folklore there is the tale of Tonton Ma...

  26. nightwalk

    Late at night, Aatisha finds a memory card full of...

  27. CABIN

    ?CÄBIN "The Story" follows a young man on his jou...

  28. Summoning

    A spiritual medium [Jacinthe Connor], and her app...

  29. Ghostlight

    Five curious kids, a Ouija board and a derelict th...

  30. I Opened An Umbrella At Home Hong Kong

    According to umbrella superstition, do ...

  31. Eyes Never Lie - The Beast Within -

    Elena seeks revenge after learning a vicious gang ...

  32. Curse of Weirdo

    Sooner or later, a price must be paid. Once the Cu...

  33. Hunters for Metal

    Two guys in search of metal in the forest and stum...

  34. The Beginning

    David is loosing his mind, with his surroundings p...

  35. Elizabeth

    An amateur ghost hunter sneaks into a house that w...

  36. Inseparables

    Tiffany and Claire, adopted identical twins, gr...

  37. GORGE

    A woman is compelled to walk deep into the woods i...

  38. The Choice

    Unsuspecting woman gets a stressful call from a de...

  39. Something Within

    A young woman encounters an unusual occurrence ...

  40. Cleansing

    After shooting up in an old abandoned mansion, a h...

  41. Rosalita

    "Which evil returns its roots seeking the first lo...

  42. Agatha

    A woman who tries to take a relaxing bath, real...

  43. Under The Stairs

    The walls are thin in Kate's apartment and the ...

  44. SLIME from Rob Ceus

    SLIME from Rob Ceus and Inge Vanleene BELGIUM...

  45. Behind the Curtain

    Sensing a strange presence, Lauren awakes to a see...

  46. The Red Balloon

    After a discovering a red balloon on his porch, a ...


    Late night radio DJ Mikki looks forward to play he...


    When an Elite fire team breaches an old buildin...

  49. Little Lamb

    1829. Louisa is a convict trapped in the living he...

  50. Daily Commute

    An introspective of public transport through the h...

  51. The Creep

    A lone woman held in a room answers to a mysteriou...

  52. Satanica

    A psychiatrist is summoned to treat a famed for...

  53. Cabrito

    ''And thou shalt eat the fruit of thine own body, ...

  54. Dont Open The Door 2017

    When Eric decides to help out babysitting his nigh...

  55. OUT

    An innocent girl Taylor waking up in Sam’s house...

  56. PUPPET

    Puppet is the third horror short film by PROco PRO...

  57. Hush Hush

    'Hush Hush' is a horror/comedy in the vein of '...

  58. INSIDE

    A psychological thriller about a girl wrestling wi...

  59. Little Red Riding Hood 2015

    Once upon a time there was a little girl, the most...

  60. A Familiar Spirit

    Soon after moving into an old home, Jim (Chris Kov...

  61. The Ruins

    A NYC psychiatrist - an advocate for the healing p...


    Patrick Creedle, one of London's rudest letting ag...

  63. The Darkening Hollows

    A group of would-be attackers pursue a vulnerable ...

  64. Josh

    After being kidnapped by an unknown assailant, Ash...

  65. Bus Stop

    An old lady meets a mysterious stranger at a bu...

  66. Bitch Popcorn & Blood

    A waitress named Lily has her life turned around w...

  67. Hard Times

    Shay, the happy-go-lucky last woman on earth, thin...

  68. Layers of Fear

    Layers of fear is a short animation that explores ...

  69. Bag Man

    Two friends face the wrath of a disgruntled ex-gar...

Total Videos: 69 • Total Votes: 3,887 • Total Video Views: 17,464

AudPop Clapper
The winners of this campaign went on to compete in a final round.
View the final round results.

Preliminary AudPop Selections

These are the audience vote winners that will proceed to the final round.

Michael Chang

Dying Breath

Cristian Baldi




Preliminary Team Selections

These are the team selection that will proceed to the final round.

Will Peatman


Mitchell Slan


Devyn LaBella


Heidi Douglas

Little Lamb

Dean Tardioli

Behind the Curtain

All Videos in Campaign

Michael Chang

Dying Breath

Vote Count: 493

Cristian Baldi


Vote Count: 456



Vote Count: 426

Austin Harple

The Craftsman

Vote Count: 380

Joshua Cleave

The Rage

Vote Count: 333

Jeff Seemann


Vote Count: 237

LeVar Leo

Red Cloud Movie

Vote Count: 226

Izzy Sutton

The Last Stop

Vote Count: 139

Gustavo Aviles

Twilight of Dreams Zombie Jesus Vampire Hunter

Vote Count: 104

Jake Pascoe

The Devil and Frog Mountain

Vote Count: 88

Alexandra Boskovich


Vote Count: 82

Gabriela Sosa


Vote Count: 68

Simon Scott

For The Road

Vote Count: 58

Jonathan Martin

Creatures of Whitechapel

Vote Count: 46

Greg Vogt


Vote Count: 41

Mitchell Slan


Vote Count: 40

Caitlin Koller

Blood Sisters

Vote Count: 39

John Toom

Out Of The Shallows

Vote Count: 37

Maxwell Seiler

The Essay From Hell

Vote Count: 32

E.K. Scarfone


Vote Count: 31

Josue Lopez


Vote Count: 30

Anthony Romaguera

Not My God

Vote Count: 28

Ashley Gecks

The Untold Truth

Vote Count: 25

Chris Wyatt


Vote Count: 20

Nigel Robinson

Tonton Macoute

Vote Count: 19

Andrea Beca


Vote Count: 17



Vote Count: 17

Ben Tobin


Vote Count: 17

Richard Mazda


Vote Count: 16


I Opened An Umbrella At Home Hong Kong

Vote Count: 14

Byron Gouette

Eyes Never Lie - The Beast Within -

Vote Count: 14

Jerry Howard

Curse of Weirdo

Vote Count: 14

Sergiy Pudich

Hunters for Metal

Vote Count: 14

Oli Stening

The Beginning

Vote Count: 14

Travis Darkow


Vote Count: 13

Xuan Liu


Vote Count: 12

Maxwell Seiler


Vote Count: 12

Taylor Richard

The Choice

Vote Count: 11

Greg Vogt

Something Within

Vote Count: 11

Will Peatman


Vote Count: 11

Luciano De Azevedo


Vote Count: 11

Devyn LaBella


Vote Count: 10

Devyn LaBella

Under The Stairs

Vote Count: 10

Rob Ceus

SLIME from Rob Ceus

Vote Count: 10

Dean Tardioli

Behind the Curtain

Vote Count: 10

Greg Vogt

The Red Balloon

Vote Count: 10

Erik Axelsson


Vote Count: 10

Kevin McMahon


Vote Count: 10

Heidi Douglas

Little Lamb

Vote Count: 8

Scott Palazzo

Daily Commute

Vote Count: 8

Shu Zhu

The Creep

Vote Count: 7

Luciano De Azevedo


Vote Count: 7

Jerome Lippelt

Dont Open The Door 2017

Vote Count: 7

Hao Chen


Vote Count: 6

Brian Gerson


Vote Count: 6

Thomas Nolle

Hush Hush

Vote Count: 6

Sam Kaiser


Vote Count: 6

Daniel Jenny

Little Red Riding Hood 2015

Vote Count: 5

Rickey Bird

A Familiar Spirit

Vote Count: 5

Matilda Szydagis

The Ruins

Vote Count: 5

Nick Barrett


Vote Count: 5

Michael Ricci

The Darkening Hollows

Vote Count: 5

Daniel Foster


Vote Count: 5

Paul John Lott

Bus Stop

Vote Count: 5

Fabio Soares

Bitch Popcorn & Blood

Vote Count: 5

Ibba Armancas

Hard Times

Vote Count: 5

Hsin-Ying Liu

Layers of Fear

Vote Count: 4

Connor Strader

Bag Man

Vote Count: 4