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Audience Awards' 2016 Animation Shorts Film Festival

Total Prize Value: $2,699

Campaign Over

Jul 19, 2016 - Jul 28, 2016

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  1. The Dog That Follows Death

    The Dog That Follows Death is short animated story...

  2. Brasileiras

    From the earliest times, society have depreciated ...


    Happi is “super-flat” 2D motion graphic animat...

  4. The Rockin' Dead - Enter Popacalypse

    Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, two colorful ...

  5. ARMSmasters Project - Phase Zero

    ALPHA OMEGA ANIMATION is thrilled to present PH...

  6. TheJourneyFiallyEnd4

    “The Journey” is a 2D Motion Graphics. The sto...

  7. Blue Print


  8. Rabbit Blood

    Just an ordinary day at an old mysterious Turkish ...

  9. sisters

  10. Little Pig

    In this lovely animated story, a little pig finall...

  11. Birds of a Feather

    Life on the streets is never easy. For those who s...

  12. Where R U From

    WhereRUFrom(2016) is a self-portrait of the artist...

  13. The Controller

    Roles are reversed when a controlling mom is trapp...

  14. Lucky and the Pirates

    In ancient Shanghai, a plucky shih tzu, Lucky, mus...

  15. I WISH

    The loss of the most important person and conseque...

  16. Sparks fly


  17. You Are What You Eat

    Cutty Cutler teams with Bragg Live Foods and Dr. P...


    A tired and grumpy space garbage man happens upon ...

  19. The Forgotten Sock

    An optimistic story about the search for oneself a...

  20. Spirit Chaser HD

    This is an uplifting animated chiptune-rock musica...

  21. Strawberry Fields Forever 50 th Aniversary

    This is a videoclip for The Beatles standard "Stra...

  22. COLOR

    For awareness on social equality...

  23. Ashton Green 2016 capstone film

    My film is about a little girl trying to find the ...

  24. Ignite

    After being rejected by its herd, a young 'Cheetal...

  25. Time Smash

    A time traveler goes back 2 weeks to stop himself ...

  26. More_Stuff_Full_HD

    It’s a time for giving and Christmas cheer. What...

  27. BEATOONS at Backstage

    A new Alvarortega's Beatoons video. Short animatio...

  28. Different Love

    No matter what makes you different, do not let any...

  29. Meanwhile on Earff

    An animated sitcom pilot about life on an odd litt...

  30. Oh Dear

    Arara(Oh Dear) Naoko had a fight with her brother...

  31. Letter from home_Shuang Hu_UAL_nosub

    My story base on a small village in 70s where have...

  32. Last Judgment_Junyi Xiao


  33. Octet Galaxy

    The story follows a boy who loses his balloon at t...

  34. Halcyon Days of Youth

    A girl dreams of spending the day with her father,...

  35. BEATOONS at India.

    This video is formed by 4 shorts episodes of "The ...

  36. Cybertech Episode 1

    Cyber terrorist known as the Vyrotechs have unleas...

  37. Scutes on my mind

    ?Katasumi no Uroko(Scutes on my mind)? The scutes...

  38. Origin

    A city is under siege by extraterrestrials. One ma...

  39. Ricket

    Ricket is a 4 minute senior Animation Short based ...

  40. BEATOONS and Dr. Robert

    This is an episode of "The Beatoons", a cartoon an...

  41. Sunny Day


  42. What Do You Want to Be

    A little girl and her favorite doll play dress-up ...

  43. Blue_Moon_wip_v20_030216

    An imaginative exploration of music and images for...

Total Films: 43 • Total Votes: 1,573 • Total Film Views: 7,655

AudPop Winners

Team Winners

All Films in Campaign

Jonathan Campbell

The Dog That Follows Death

Vote Count: 268

Anna Carolina Moraes


Vote Count: 224

Maria Gabriela Chavez Mosquera


Vote Count: 192

James Ishizaki

The Rockin' Dead - Enter Popacalypse

Vote Count: 182

Michael Winn

ARMSmasters Project - Phase Zero

Vote Count: 71

Puthima Wongdeeprasith


Vote Count: 63

Dan Tanenbaum

Blue Print

Vote Count: 36

Yagmur Altan

Rabbit Blood

Vote Count: 30

David Chontos


Vote Count: 27

Thong Nguyen

Little Pig

Vote Count: 24

Richie Valentino

Birds of a Feather

Vote Count: 23


Where R U From

Vote Count: 23

Bob Yong

The Controller

Vote Count: 22

Karen Goldfarb

Lucky and the Pirates

Vote Count: 22

Damian Palleiro


Vote Count: 22

Dan Tanenbaum

Sparks fly

Vote Count: 19

Cutty Cutler

You Are What You Eat

Vote Count: 17

Jesus Muniz

The Forgotten Sock

Vote Count: 15

Karl Pajak

Spirit Chaser HD

Vote Count: 13

Alvaro Ortega

Strawberry Fields Forever 50 th Aniversary

Vote Count: 13

Kate Lin


Vote Count: 13

Ashton Green

Ashton Green 2016 capstone film

Vote Count: 13

Ben Reicher

Time Smash

Vote Count: 13

Tom Box


Vote Count: 12

Alvaro Ortega

BEATOONS at Backstage

Vote Count: 12

Kevin -Elsinrostro- Pol

Different Love

Vote Count: 12

Matt Payne

Meanwhile on Earff

Vote Count: 12

Megumi Ishitani

Oh Dear

Vote Count: 11

Shuang Hu

Letter from home_Shuang Hu_UAL_nosub

Vote Count: 11

Junyi Xiao

Last Judgment_Junyi Xiao

Vote Count: 11

Ashli Hurt

Octet Galaxy

Vote Count: 11

DongLiang Chang

Halcyon Days of Youth

Vote Count: 11

Alvaro Ortega

BEATOONS at India.

Vote Count: 11

Shawn Steven Myles

Cybertech Episode 1

Vote Count: 11

Megumi Ishitani

Scutes on my mind

Vote Count: 11

Felipe Téllez


Vote Count: 11

Emily Ault


Vote Count: 11

Alvaro Ortega

BEATOONS and Dr. Robert

Vote Count: 10

Dsfa Ff

Sunny Day

Vote Count: 10

Emma Fici

What Do You Want to Be

Vote Count: 10

John Vollmer


Vote Count: 10