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Wonders Of Love

2114 Votes

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This film competed in
Female Filmmakers Film Festival

Wonders of Love is a testament to the power of love, to the connections we forge, and the transformative effect we have on each other, every day of our lives. Logline: A man reflects upon how his relationship with his wife and daughter has shaped him into the person he wanted to be. Synopsis : Ever since childhood, Aarav Arora has struggled to understand the women around him. As he reflects on his life, Aarav relives the most important moments in the relationships he’s shared with his wife and daughter. The first time he met his wife, the moment they fell in love, the first time they dropped his daughter off at school… Aarav comes to realize that these two women, once so mysterious to him, have changed who he is for the better, and that given the opportunity, he would do it all again.

  • Inspiring