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Universal Language - A travel dance series


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Best Of Fest

Director(s): Nathan Mikita - Loren Livick - Frank Hernandez

There are roughly 7 billion people on earth who are full of differences, but what connects these various people? Dance. In each society, dance is inherently woven into the culture. Loren Livick is a western street dance performer and choreographer. After Loren had spent years working in India to bring a western dance style and sensibility to Bollywood, questions kept coming to her mind. How does dance evolve, what can one learn about an individual society through learning its dances, and what does a dancer demonstrate about their society through teaching their dances? Within each episode, Loren will meet dancers and musicians local to a particular region. Similar to an anthropologist, Loren will investigate through dance and music how the migration and assimilation of peoples changed the dynamic of that society, and delve into the dances that embody the essence of a communities’ identity. Universal Language, will link each episode by tracing the migration of peoples and their commonly shared customs. We will discover the roots of ancient dance traditions and draw conclusions about how those traditions are still present in today’s contemporary society. Each episode will highlight the similarities of each society. Although humans do not speak the same language, there is the Universal Language of dance that unites us all.

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