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The Last Straw



A group of volunteers come together to raise awareness for single-use plastics by collecting 168,000 straws and breaking a world record. Credits: Installation art by Von Wong and Zero Waste Saigon Sponsored by Starbucks Vietnam Hosted by Keppel Land Video: Fox – Creative and Visuals Spoken Word performance (video): Steve Connell BTS photography: Anna Tenne Technical Build Consultants: Nick Moser, Stefan Suknjaja, Fosha Zyong Set Builder: Tr?nh Thiên Tân LED Technician: Thành Hu?nh Production Support: Don Le, Dave Lemke Special thanks to the German International School, British International School and American International School for supporting our cleanup efforts. Volunteers: Quinn Tran, Leanne Lim, Tam Binh, Mong Binh, Tuy Gentry Buckner, Gia Kang, Thanh Duy, Ti Hon, Nguyen Quoc Dung, Bùi Ph??ng Nh?t, Leo Pukachi, Julia Mesner Burdge, Michael Burdge, Loan Joy, Huy?n KaRa, ?oàn Linh Chi, Angeli Castillo, Nguy?n Ng?c Huân, D??ng B?i Linh, Matthew James Morris, Pakdi Decnud Models: Sebastien Burdge, Elijia Ken, Nguyen Thuy Duong (TyhD)

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