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The Illusion of Talent_Vimeo

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Audience Awards

This film competed in
2017 Comedy Shorts Film Festival

Director(s): Adam Gaulke

In hopes of gaining an alluring tap dancer as his assistant, a clumsy magician finds himself performing for the first time at a talent show full of untalented performers. Director's Statement: People who dedicate their lives to something they love often struggle with being insecure in their talent; and some people aren't as good as they think are, but do it anyway because they love it. This insecurity/delusion is something I find hilarious, sad, beautiful, and relatable about wanting to perform and make art for a living. So I wanted to make a short film about people whose crafts aren't widely accepted in today's world (e.g. magic, ventriloquism, tap dancing, bad comedians), and the absurd and physical comedy inspired by Keaton and Tati fit these vaudeville acts perfectly. In addition to wanting to make a type of comedic short film we don’t see a lot of today, I wanted to make sure the cinematography, staging, and production design was as beautiful and intentional as it once was in the genre of comedy.