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The 500-year old Tera village in Abdasa taluka of Kutch has now been declared as "heritage village" by the Government of India. Built by Bhayats, the ruling family of Kutch, Tera has been declared a heritage village, solely for its priceless culture and unique architecture. The Jain temples of Tera are one of the five pilgrimages of Kutch called Nani Panchtirth. Besides, the temples of Goddess Mosheswari and goddess Ashapura are also famous. Kutch region has it’s own identity, unique existence and indifferent natural resources. It is said that; A land of full cultural heritage, original peculiarities, kaleidoscopic colorfulness and amazing life style is none other than excellent land of Kutch in Gujarat . There are many Historical and Pre-Historical places in Kutch. God has showered amazing natural beauty on this land. Tera Village is the at the Top in consideration of other villages of Abdasa. “Tera” is declared First Heritage Village of Kutch by Central Govt. and Govt. of Gujarat jointly. This village is supposedly 800 to 1000 years old. The great and artistic entry-door of fort is the centre of attraction for Artique lovers. In the village of Tera there are Wall paintings of Kamagiri style. These paintings are one hundred thirty years old and they are centre of attraction for the tourist and visitors. These painting and pictures are mainly based on Episode of Ramayan. All these beautiful and artistic sculptures, paintings and pictures justify the Heritage Village category of the Tera Village. Over and above these, thirty to forty ancient temples are situated around the village of Tera. In these, Modeshwari Mataji Temple, Jain Temple are more than 350 years old. There are many peculiarities of the region of Kutch. One of the said peculiarities is the Handi -Craft of Kutch. The art and craft of Kutchi people is like traditional heritage. The village “Tera” is famous for it’s Bhandhnis. This art has been awarded Eleven National Awards and Three Merit Certificates from Central Government. Each and every lane, house and family with each and every human beings of Tera Village inhale art & craft and produce unique artistic handicrafts and many other things. It is just their birth right. Tera Village was felicitated and honored as Jagir. There were fifty two small villages under this Jagir of Tera Village. Before 150 years, British Govt. had established five post offices in the region of Kutch. One of these five old post offices is still situated in the village of Tera.