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Warning! This film includes Violence

Taste of Night. Short dance film by Liudmila Komrakova inspired by Tango Argentina.

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This film competed in
2019 Music Shorts Film Festival

‘Taste of Night’ is a dance short film in the style of ironic noir is the fantastic story that happened at the ball. It is vampire story. No one knows what Fate has prepared for him, and how the day will end. A brilliant, handsome man meets a young girl at the party. He tries to seduce her. Is it possible if the girl is an extraordinary creature? This film is a part of project that aimed to modify stereotyped impression of tango as a dance in red dress with rose between teeth that a lot of people still have.That is why our team created several tango dance films based on modern music and with different level of difficulty and artistic performance. The narrative factor helps nonprofessional viewers to follow the dance whereas choreography of Vanesa Villalba and Facundo Pinero who created the dances for current World Champions may inspire professional audience. Presented by Andrei Panferov who is five times finalist of the World Cup (Mundial) in Tango Argentina and Victoria Krivtsova his partner ballerina who found her passion in tango Argentina.