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Warning! This film includes Violence

Sins of the Past Part 1


Director(s): Chris Hoffert

Description**this short film is intended to be a cinematic experience. For best viewing results please dim the lights, crank up the sound, and ensure that your screen is set to nominal brightness and contrast settings. Sins of the Past is a new age Western in the Action/Drama genre with a mix of old fashioned Western appeal with a combination of new and old style lighting technique and film theory. The story centers round the conflict that arises between the leader of a band of highway robbers and a lowly farmer with a dark past and his family in 1890's Montana. Unknown to the main the characters their pasts are connected and their meeting may be fate or coincidence but only one man can walk away from it, alive. This film takes so many lovable traits from the old western genre and mixes together with the style of more modern Westerns that we've also come to love for a full blown Western experience from a team of dedicated filmmakers and historical reenactors. Starring: Martin Hoffert and Perry Shank Written and Directed by: Chris Hoffert Music by: Skyler O’Neal Shot with: Canon T3i Cameras Post-Production media completed on: Adobe CC 2014 software Budget: $2,700 Official page: https://www.facebook.com/TheBigMuddySeries Submitted to the Academy of Art University, Fall 2014 for finals in Lighting 1: The Art of Seeing Light and Principles of Directing, receiving two academic A’s and praise from instructors and peers alike with the intent to continue on into 2015 with local and select national film festival showings. Professional Reviews: Prior to transitioning into academia I was the Director of Photography on two (2) Clint Eastwood Films: BRONCO BILLY & ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN, before I Photographed the original BLOODSPORT then Directed the original KICKBOXER launching the career of Jean-Claude Van Damme. So it is from this perspective of being a professional filmmaker that I highly recommend Chris Hoffert's Short Film: SINS OF THE PAST. To put it simply, it Is the best "Student Film" that I've seen. That includes all of the films from all of the courses that I've been teaching for the past 8 years: At Chapman University in Orange CA, Chapman in Singapore, USC, UCLA and presently at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Chris Hoffert is an extraordinary young filmmaker, whose talent is as close to Professional as you can get. His command of all of the elements in film production: Story, Casting, Location, Production Design and especially his Direction, Cinematography, Editing & Sound Design are simply outstanding. All Chris needs is an Independent Producer who's as brilliant and dedicated as he is and is able to bring him together with the right "Names" and the right "Budget" that will enable his filmmaking talents to shine. All the Very Best Chris... Your Work Is Amazing! David Worth Director / DP / Author / Assistant Professor ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Sins of the Past” Chris Hoffert has shown us again, that he understands the power of filmmaking. “Sins of the Past” has the flavor of a Clint Eastwood Western, with the grit and surprise as well. He has chosen well, his characters, locations and art direction to pull us into his tale of the West...and it works. His cinematography is beautiful and complements the magic of his story telling. A fine piece of work from a filmmaker worth watching. James Lindsey Producer Red Pony Media - 20 characters minimum