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26 Seconds - Save the Children


Kindness.org & Verizon

This video competed in
A Call For Kindness Video Contest


Film is my commitment to creating work that matters in our world, I wanted to film a documentary on global sex trafficking because it is a fast-growing and horrific industry that tragically affects every child and woman worldwide. We can either do something or nothing. I simply chose to do something with the resources and creative talent I possess and have access to as a professor in film. As a filmmaker, my intention was to tell the story. It was not possible to tell the story of human trafficking unless I visited the countries and met the victims trapped in the sex trade face-to-face – the pimps and madams who sell them, and the johns who buy them – but the true heroes are the nonprofit organizations that rescue, restore, and reintegrate these innocent children. Creating awareness is not enough but rather a call to action is ALL of our responsibility. It will not only take an army of heroes but also a village of ordinary people like you and me.

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