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A girl wakes up in an unknown place with a red balloon tied on her wrist which she cannot get rid of. The streets are dead as if the whole city is sleeping. Trying to find out what is going on, she walks aimlessly around and meets on her way some odd stranges. All of them carry a red balloon as well, but their ribbon is tied somewhere else. Suddenly her own balloon comes to life and shows her which direction to go. Curious to find an answer she enters a flat which is familiar to her. Was this once her home? In the bathroom she finally finds a razor blade to cut the annoying ribbon and be free of the foreign object. But why does it sound like her heart? In a flash, her lost memory comes back. She has committed suicide and is now in limbo: The world of the undead. Is she willing to remove the ribbon and end her life a second time before she loses her soul like all the others?