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Out of Control

39 Votes

Director(s): Rusanna Danielian

Two strangers meet up for a date, but they have not much to speak about since they are constantly distracted by their obsessive-compulsive disorder. Although they are physically in the same room, they are mentally separated from each other and have therefore no chance to break the invisible wall between them. The actors had no script or other kinds of background story about their character to work with. The only information which was given to them before the shoot started was that they were going on a date with a stranger who they had met sporadically online. During the shoot, both were receiving separate lines which they had to repeat. Only after the film was shot they found out that their character was suffering under an extreme form of OCD. The aim of this technique was to achieve a realistic performance which was not affected by the actor´s background knowledge and to show how neutral dialogue can appeal in a different way ones other information is added, like in this case their thoughts,