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Living with children with OCD during a pandemic

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This video competed in
Curbside Shorts Film Challenge

Director(s): Tamara Elise Rubin

A glimpse into the life of children with OCD during the pandemic. I conceived and directed (& filmed & edited!) this brief 2 minute (and 3 second) documentary film to give people a sense of what it is like to live with children with OCD during the CoViD-19 pandemic. All of the footage was shot on my iPhone, in one day during a walk with my children in the neighborhood. The music (live Trumpet performance by my 17 year old son A.J. Rubin) was recorded on my iPhone. The piece was edited in iMovie. I expressly ignored all input from my husband (the other adult sheltering-in-place with me in the house during this time!) This is my first documentary short. Working with a 2-minute limit when a piece is not a trailer for a longer film is incredibly challenging. I shot enough footage to make a compelling (more complete) 15 minute film if the opportunity arises! OCD is one of the impacts of childhood Lead-poisoning. My sons were acutely Lead poisoned in 2005. I have previously written, directed and produced a documentary feature film on childhood Lead poisoning - MisLEAD: America's Secret Epidemic (the full - 92 minute - "sneak peek" preview screener is up on my YouTube Channel, as we ran out of finishing funds, but hope to complete the project after the pandemic!)

I want to send a special shout out to Naturepedic to thank them for the organic cotton face maks that the boys are wearing in the video! (aflink)

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