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In Traction

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Women in Film

This film competed in
Curbside Shorts Film Challenge

Director(s): Eva Ceja

When a woman is effected by the stress, or "put in traction" from all that the world is going through with Covid-19, she develops Alopecia Areata.

Based on my real and current experience during this quarantine in which I developed and was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata.

We are all going through stressful time amidst Covid-19, deaths of innocent people of color, the protesting, riots, and even to the political environment in our nation. Stress manifests itself in many different ways. I wanted to tell this story to allow people to know they are not alone in this current struggle to keep their anxiety at bay. My anxiety and stress manifested in this way. I hope it will inspire others to stay positive. We all are feeling this, in one way or another. As a person of color myself, I want to let you know that we are in this time in history together. There is strength in unity. 

This short is dedicated to all the health workers who are working extremely hard to keep us safe and to the millions of Americans who are feeling the stress of 2020. You are not alone. 

Stay healthy and safe all. 


This short was shot entirely on an iPhone XS and edited with iMovie. Nothing fancy. But shot with love, care, and honestly. 

Here is a great article about what this covid-19/2020 stress is and how to handle stress during this time!