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I Just Want You To Come Home Words and music by Allan Roy Wilson


What happens when you lose someone forever? "Don't want anyone on this road to feel like this, don't want anyone on this road to be with me..." Even after 19 years I still miss my son, dying at 16 from cancer. And then in 2018 a friend's son died in a horrific bus crash in Saskatchewan, the Humbolt Broncos hockey team was on a road trip. 16 died, including my friend's son, Logan Boulet. Talking with the father Toby a month later, as we were now both bereaved parents, he just blurted out "I just want him to come home." I knew exactly what he meant about the unreality of life changing so harshly. That is how the song began, opening the old feelings. For this recording I decided not to put a band together, but to call in musicians just for this recording. I was able to get Mark Rodgers of the Lethbridge Symphony to play cello, both as a backing instrument and for a solo. As of July 1 2019 the youtube recording has had compliments from people in exactly 54 countries: they like the honesty of the vocals, the melody that reminds them of Leonard Cohen, the cello, and the visuals created by myself and Nick Urquhart. As expected, the song gets the strongest compliments from bereaved parents, widows and war veterans. More than 150 people wrote back to me, most often using the word "beautiful". As a footnote, one month before he died, Logan Boulet signed an organ donor card, and after the horrific collision his organs allowed six people to live better lives. That selfless act became a story on it's own, and now more than 100,000 Canadians have signed up to donate their organs. It became known as the "Logan effect", which received national coverage in Canada and a cover story in Sports Illustrated.