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Controlled Burn

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Bridger Cup Film Festival

This film competed in
Bridger Cup Drone Film Festival

Director(s): Robert Frye

This film documents what is known as a "Controlled Burn" on 80 acres of U.S.D.A. Conservation Reserve land near Raymond, Nebraska. It’s customary for the U.S.D.A. to prescribe a controlled burn for ecological and conservation purposes. Such a burn helps to control detrimental, unwanted plants and promotes the establishment of more beneficial native grasses. A controlled burn is accomplished by professionals. It's what they do. Their craft is a science approaching "art". As a plumber precisely controls water, the controlled-burning-crew precisely controls the movement and dynamics of their intentionally ignited fire. Their science and skills combine in unison to play-out like a complex ballet of fire as it dances across the landscape. Controlled burns must be accomplished before the nesting season so as to help eliminate harm to wildlife. Enjoy the excitement of this documented controlled burn. Don’t worry. This burn was flawless. It took about 4 hours from “match-strike” to cool down. The camera platform for this 4K film was a DJI-Inspire-1 Thank you for watching.

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