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American Deportation


Audience Awards

This video competed in
April Reigns Race To Justice

An American unhappy with the election decides to take matters into. her own hands. This film is in response to a stupid political statement made by a reality star running for office in 2016 saying he wanted to close Americas borders to immigrants. I don't remember a sign being hung on the Statue of Liberty stating "America Is Closed" so I made American Deportation to highlight the absurdity of that statement. I responded with my own brand of humor and showed a woman who would not be a target of this idiot racist but would still flee his small minded politics as would many others. The message is not on the surface and often missed which honestly I'm fine with. It's a 4:30 second film that has a beginning-middle-end and is entertaining. I know it's a message about immigrants and how sometimes it's not always about getting INTO America when it's being run by a clown filled with hate. Maybe now you have people running for the borders from the inside. It's subtle politics within a humorous film but maybe I can get people to think about it later on. Or least laugh for 5 minutes! Thank you for watching! Jen Lyon