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Zoo Volkerschau

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This film competed in
2018 Dramatic Shorts Film Festival

Zoo (Volkerschau) is about a day in the life of an African Girl on Display for the first time in an Human Zoo at the World's Fair in Brussels, Belgium in 1958. Ironically, the theme of the World's Fair, the 1st since WWII was, "A New View, A New Humanism", yet "Volkerschau" translated as 'Human Zoo' or 'Look Show' was widely advertised in all its glory. Over 1 Billion people paid to see human curiosites or exotic creatures when human zoos were all the rage. The people weren't freaks, misshapen, deformed, strange -- they were simply people who lived in other places around the world, spoke a different language, and experienced a different culture. My theme for the film is a timeless request: Let's All Be Human