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Women On Men - mujeres en hombres


Director(s): John Tsambazis

This unique perspective provides us with a fascinating exploration of the intricate dynamics between women and men. Through Natalia Bertolli's thought-provoking paintings, we gain insight into the mystical essence of women and their unyielding battle for empowerment in various aspects of life. These artworks offer a visual narrative that evokes emotions and challenges societal norms.

However, amidst the complexities of human connections, when love unexpectedly intertwines with these narratives, attitudes and perceptions undergo profound shifts. The transformative power of love can illuminate new facets of understanding, bridging the gaps between genders and transcending societal constructs.

Natalia Bartolli's artwork not only captures the anxieties and struggles faced by women but also invites us to explore the transformative nature of love. It encourages us to contemplate the impact of this powerful emotion on our perceptions, attitudes, and ultimately, on our personal growth.


In this unique portrayal, the paintings serve as windows into the complex world of women, allowing us to grasp the depth of their struggles and the resilience they embody in their quest for empowerment. Through Natalia Bertolli's artistry, we are invited to explore the intricate layers of their experiences, unveiling the mysteries and captivating allure that define their existence.

Yet, as love unexpectedly enters the narrative, a shift occurs in the attitudes and dynamics portrayed. The transformative power of love weaves its enchanting spell, altering perceptions and challenging preconceived notions. The mystique and strength of women become intertwined with the vulnerability and tenderness that love brings forth, creating a profound synergy of emotions.

Within this imaginative exploration, Natalia Bertolli's paintings become more than mere expressions of anxiety; they become portals into the ever-evolving complexities of human connection, where the interplay between empowerment and love forms a captivating tapestry of emotions, experiences, and personal growth.