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Whistling Andy Distillery the Beginning

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Montana Office of Tourism

This film competed in
Real Montana Video Contest

Director(s): Michael Roessmann, Michael Marchetti

People by nature are dreamers. This is why hundreds of years ago dreams and visions helped settle the west, and inevitably create the Montana that we now know. In 2009 we at Whistling Andy also had a dream, in a little more than a year that dream became our reality. This was accomplished in no small measure with the help of friends, family, and community. We recognized then, and we still understand now, that the fiber of our business is stitched together with the many relationships that we've forged. The word “relationship” is truly the genesis of our business. There is no singular element but rather the combination of many that makes Whistling Andy who we are. Included in the equation are the strong association that we have with our family, community, and business partners. A popular bumper sticker asks “who’s your farmer?” , at Whistling Andy we know. Without the reality that we are using the best possible ingredients it wouldn't be possible to produce what is arguably the best spirits in Montana. We know the manner in which our grain is farmed and how the land is being taken care of. What also matters to us is the impact that we are making in creating our products. Our practices assure renewable and sustainable progressions with a minimal footprint. Because the final part of the equation is this place we call home. Bigfork has the perfect combination of clean air, land, and water. Inevitably these essential ingredients integrate into our finished product. We thank all those that have gone before us and those who joined us in this adventure and have made Montana the Great State that it is and giving Whistling Andy a fertile land to begin a life of Making Craft Liquors made from the Spirit that is Montana

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