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VICKIE Sampson Commercial Directing Reel



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Show Us Your Best Brand Reel

This is a 4 min compilation of various products. Here's what is on it if you want to scroll ahead. 00' Doritos Eating Competition - with a sheep?! :00:56 00:56 to 01:26 PSA for Down Syndrom research and Treatment Center 01:27 to 01:56 Sunchips' Compostible Bag 01:57 to 02:36 Samsung TAB phone 02:38 to 03:10 Samples of green screen work for ALMAY products 03:10 to 04:10 Harley Davidson - Her Need for Speed 04:10 to 04:40 Doritos - Baby Can't Wait - when you just can't wait to eat Doritos!