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This video competed in
Earth Film Challenge

Director(s): Christi Cooper, Kelly Matheson, Julia Olson Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is an 11-year-old boy from Boulder, Colorado. In this next film from the TRUST series, Xiuhtezcatl shares his story about why he joined youth from across the country to ask the coourts to hear their lawsuit, Alec L., et al., v. Lisa P. Jackson, et al., which is based on one of the most fundamental principles of civilized society: TRUST. Xiuhtezcatl is asking that our atmosphere be protected, because he loves playing in Colorado’s mountains, forests, lakes, and streams and fears that the resources he most enjoys will not be there for his generation if we continue emitting carbon at current rates. Xiuhtezcatl shares, “The proof of climate change is everywhere I look. In my lifetime, the amount of forest killed by pine beetles has expanded. The number of acres burned has intensified. My generation is losing our forests. We are losing our homes. It’s not too late to ensure my generation has a livable future. But we need to listen to the science and act now.