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Trans Manifest

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Director(s): Viv Bruschz

This documentary aims to show the human and professional side, achievements, experiences of trans women and their professional trajectories. Whether in the academic or activism, in search of their social rights and dignity, not only for them but for the entire trans community in Brazil and in the World. This search, or social construction, is not easy at all, because of sociological issues imposed by a system of normative gender pattern. Trans people suffer a lot of violence, intolerance, lack of opportunities in all aspects, disrespect and discriminations of all kinds. Making their lives many times unbearable. Andreia and Rafaelly, in very different ways, act as opinion makers, demystifying the trans transvestite experience, creating new concepts that serve as support and why not say inspiration for all trans people, for a fairer society and for the formation of new psychosocial and anthropological concepts. Through published academic articles on the subject, lectures, or public manifestations, they help to make a difference in the struggle against prejudices and social dogmas in the society. They help other trans people to recover their dignity, to recover their civil rights and self-esteem. Showing to other trans women that is possible to dream, that is possible to have a profession, to have a job and education as anybody else in the society.

This documentary was my first film, in which I idealized, directed, scripted, pre edited, translated, added subtitles and signed up to festivals all over the world this is the third festival in which it will be screened. It is a zero budget film, is pretty simple in terms of art, photography and production, but what really matters is what is said in the film. This film was inspired in my long term friend Andreia Laís Cantelli, who is one of the women that I Interviewed, she introduced me to Rafaelly Wiest. I admire both of them so much.  

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