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This video presents Raqs Sharqi, a unisex Egyptian style dance, that has been performed for thousands of years in Egypt. In this video Torkom Movsesiyan performs raqs sharqi with a live band of native Egyptian musicians during the event, "Arabic nights." The term Raqs Sharqi derives from the Arabic language, where raqs stands for dance and sharq for East. Therefore, its literal translation from Arabic into English is “Eastern dance.” The main body movements of Raqs Sharqi revolve around the hips, articulations of the torso, pelvis, abdominal muscles, hands, arms, and head. As of today, Raqs Sharqi remains the most popular dance in Egypt, and that is why the country is often referred to as the pillar of Raqs Sharqi. Yet, there is no compelling evidence that reveals the true origins of Raqs Sharqi in terms of place and time because this folk dance dates back thousands of years. Might Raqs Sharqi be the oldest dance on earth?